Watch NBA 2017 Kodi

Want to find out how to watch NBA games on your computer instead of on your TV?  If so, keep reading– this short guide will get you going in less than 5 minutes.

Below, you’ll find reviews of two of the very best free pieces of software for finding free NBA video feeds online: Pro Sport and NBA On Demand.  Read on to find out how to setup both of them on your PC, Mac or mobile device.

Note: If you’re an addon maker with a new free NBA addon to share with the Kodi community, please drop us a line in the comments section and we’ll add it to the list.

Wait a minute– what’s Kodi?

Both of the NBA streamers discussed below aren’t standalone programs– they’re free plugins (aka addons) that anyone can use and enjoy.  To use them, all you need is any sort of computer (an ordinary PC, Mac or smartphone will do) and the free, open source media player known as Kodi.

For download links and help setting up Kodi on your PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux or Raspberry Pi give our Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Kodi a quick read– and then jump back here when you’re ready to try out the best the Kodi community has to offer in the way of NBA streaming video content.

Before you proceed

We highly recommend using a VPN to watch NBA games on Kodi.  Kodi streamers have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for watching movies, sports, and TV shows through various addons.  If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish – a complete privacy solution for Kodi users.

The 2 very best NBA video streamers

When it comes to streaming live sports games, it doesn’t get much better than the Reddit scanner known as Pro Sport.  Because Pro Sport scans the highly active streaming subreddits for sports feeds, you’ll always be able to find loads of high quality, reliable links to live NBA games on game day.

As far as replays of recent NBA games is concerned, NBA On Demand dominates the court.  When I downloaded it and tested it out today I found a complete register of this week’s NBA games– and every single video on the list that I tried out was live and online.

A broken NBA streamer you should avoid 

When I tested out Natko1412’s promising sounding addon NBA Full Games, hardly any of its links worked.  Even links to freely available clips of content from the NBA’s YouTube channel triggered errors.

After a quick search for news about this addon on Twitter, I found out that last month Natko1412 announced that he won’t be updating his addons on a regular basis anymore.

If a new Kodi addon developer takes over NBA Full Games and gives it a facelift, we’ll update this article and review NBA Full Games again.  But in the condition that it’s in now, it’s pretty much useless.

The absolute best live NBA addon: Pro Sport 

Pro Sport is the best Kodi addon for watching live NBA basketball or any type of live sports stream.  After you download and install Kodi, follow the 4 steps listed below to install the Pro Sport addon.

Installation guide:

  1. First download’s addon installer zip file plugin.program.addoninstaller-[version].zip to your desktop.
  2. Then, select the addon installer zip file from within Kodi by navigating to system → settings → addons → install from zip file → desktop → plugin.program.addoninstaller-[version].zip
  3. Next, open the addon installer itself by going to programs → addon installer.
  4. Lastly, navigate to featured addons, pick pro sport and select install.

Check out our Pro Sport guide for more detailed info.

As mentioned above, the best thing about Pro Sport is that it integrates Reddit.  Reddit has a thriving community of NBA streamers– pro basketball fans with cable TV subscriptions that share live feeds of games via the web.

Sometimes Reddit streamers share their cable channels just for fun, but many place promotions on their feeds to make money.  But Pro Sport strips out all the ads, allowing you to watch popup free NBA feeds on Kodi.

To find Reddit NBA links on Pro Sport, all you have to do is open up Pro Sport and click the [my subreddits] folder.

Reddit users post links to NBA games in a subreddit conveniently entitled “nbastreams.”  So if you click [add a new subreddit] and type in nbastreams, you’ll be able to access any stream that gets posted there from inside of Kodi.

In addition to the customizable [add a new subreddit] menu, there’s also a dedicated NBA section on the main page that contains pre-configured links as well as show times for upcoming games.

Conveniently, Pro Sport detects your time zone and adjusts the game start times automatically.  I’m in Europe, so that’s why Pro Sport is showing me that I have to stay up until 1:00 AM if I want to watch the first basketball game tonight.

The only downside to Pro Sports is that it doesn’t contain a working archive of recent NBA games.  There is a folder called [archive] located on the main menu.  But when I opened that up and checked out section marked [nba archive], it was empty.

For recent NBA replays, check out NBA On Demand

Jsergio’s NBA On Demand essentially gives you free access to the entire NBA League Pass archive.  Here’s how to install it.

Installation guide:

  1. First download the file repository.jsergio-[version].zip to your desktop.
  2. Then, install the file from within Kodi by navigating to system → settings → addons → install from zip file → desktop → repository.jsergio-[version].zip
  3. Lastly, install NBA On Demand by navigating to system → settings → addons → install from repository → jsergio repo → video addons → NBA On Demand → install

The NBA On Demand menu is simple and to-the-point.  Just select the game you want to watch and select one of three options for catching up on NBA action.  You can either watch the full game in its entirety, or you can enjoy long or short highlight reels.

The best thing about this addon is that all of its links seem to work.  The whole time I was clicking around inside of this addon, I did not run into a single broken video.

Another thing about NBA On Demand that I liked was the fact that its menus are super well-organized and easy to navigate.  Just select games from the main menu and pick the one you want.

How do you stream NBA games?

Do you know of a streaming method we didn’t cover above?  If so, drop us a line in the comments section and let us know which programs or websites you’re using to watch NBA content on your computer.