Watch Amc Kodi

The Walking Dead is back, Kodi users! There’s no better time than now to find out how to watch AMC on Kodi as well. We’ve done some digging and found a few, great live streaming options. Unfortunately, we didn’t find working replays for Season 7 quite yet — but we’ll update this piece when we do. For now, you can find a few great sources for watching your Season 7 episodes live on Kodi.


We highly suggest using a VPN to ensure that you remain anonymous while streaming AMC and other channels through Kodi. Our personal recommendation for the best Kodi VPN is IPVanish. Here are just some of the other great benefits of using IPVanish.

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A few great contenders emerge for those who want to watch AMC on Kodi. The Walking Dead is your most likely reason for heading on over there, but you’ll also be able to catch some other great AMC content, like Humans, The American West, Into the Badlands and Better Call Saul.

Oblivion Streams

You can find our Oblivion Streams installation guide here.

We recently reviewed Oblivion Streams as a great live-streaming option. We decided to dive back in and see if it offered any great AMC content. The short answer: YES. Not only that, but you find the AMC channel pretty quickly. Once in Oblivion Streams, go to the US Live TV section. You’ll find AMC right there, in glorious HD. Just make sure you check AMC’s schedule for what’s on. That way you won’t miss when the latest episodes of your favorite AMC content.

Oblivion Streams also provides other live streams for more great channels, including FX, TNT, TBS, SyFy, History, USA, Comedy Central, Starz, Cinemax, History, Showtime, HBO and Discovery. Not that you’ll care about those while The Walking Dead is on, of course.


You can find our SportsDevil installation guide here.

Yes, you read that right. SportsDevil is a great place to watch… AMC. You can actually find this with a bit of digging around in SportsDevil’s Live TV section. Once under “Live TV”, go to “Shadow (World TV)”. From there, you’ll find an AMC stream ready and waiting. In case you’re wondering, other sections have working AMC streams as well. You can find a working AMC streams under “”. We didn’t find any other channels with working AMC streams in here, however. At least, not ones that worked when we tested them. You can actually find ShadowNet on some other addons as well. That actually leads us to our next suggestions.


You can find our Castaway installation guide here.

Castaway is struggling right now. Its primary functions have stopped working, and rumor has it that the developer is on a bit of an extended vacation, with no real hints of coming back to fixing the program anytime soon. Thankfully, there’s still some things in the addon that do work, and that includes the Live TV section.

Once under “Live TV”, you’ll find the “” site that we pointed to earlier under SportsDevil. It works just the same and just as well as with SportsDevil, so you can make this a good option. Additionally, you’ll find a working AMC stream under the “” section. It loads up fairly quickly, and ARCONAI also has a lot of other great options to choose from.