Top Best Working Kodi Video Addons

TOP BEST WORKING KODI Addons List December 2017 Nep 2
Kodi lost many top repositories and add-ons last month including Colossus, Smash, and Ares Wizard.
Even though some Repos have shut down many others are still up, with a working list below.
Kodi add-ons are in a constant state of change with old ones that often were once the best sometimes replaced by newer add-ons.
This page is regularly updated to reflect changes and show the top current best working Kodi add-ons.
The Top 10 Best Addons December 2017
1. Neptune RisingNew Covenant Fork with Updated code
2. CovenantNew XvBMC Repo
3. Rebirth 2017
4. Project MUpdated
5. Star TecUpdated
6. Midian New
7. Pyramid
8. Fsociety (F_50ci3ty)New
9. BOB Unleashed
10. Elysium
Best Working Kodi Addons List for December 2017
Neptune Rising
Neptune Rising is a new Exodus / Covenant Fork from Blamo repository.
Like Covenant it plays movies and TV shows with updated code.
Covenant along with many other Exodus Forks have not been updated recently and are pulling in fewer links.
Neptune Rising is one Fork that has been updated and is currently working very well.
How to Install Neptune Rising
UPDATE: The Covenant Repo Colossus Has Shut Down
The Colossus Repository which contains Covenant has shut down.
This means the popular Covenant and Bennu addons will not receive any more new updates.
If you already have Covenant installed it will keep working but as things break they will not be fixed.
UPDATE: A New Repo called XvBMC is now available to install Covenant
Read Here for How To Install Covenant with the New XvBMC Repo
BoB Unleashed
BoB Unleashed is from the Noobs and Nerds Repo which is a continuation of the popular BoB Unrestricted addon.
It is a great addon with lots of familiar names such as Thunder, TNPB, and Valhalla.
It has tons of content including movies, TV shows, sports, animation and much more.
How To Install BOB Unleashed
The Pyramid
The Pyramid is an older Kodi addon that has been steadily updated.
It plays movies, TV shows, sports, and more with one click.
It recently received a new URL and Repository location.
How To Install The Pyramid
Project M
Project M is an all-in-one addon that has IPTV, movies, TV shows, music, sports, and more.
It has a lot of streams divided into categories and sub categories .
It has been recently updated and has been working very well so far.
How to Install Project M
Elysium is a movie and TV show addon from Noobs and Nerds Repository.
It was recently updated and working very well again.
It pulls in links to movies and TV shows and displays them on the right.
How To Install Elysium
Cerebro ShowBox
Cerebro Showbox is a new video addon from Cerebro TV repository
The layout is the same as Exodus but with more options and features.

An option to Pair to sites is at the top for those who want more links.

It still works without having to Pair and pulls in many streams to choose from.
How To Install Cerebro ShowBox
Star Tec
Star Tec is an all-in-one addon that has a sections for most anything from movies to music.
It recently received an update and has been working very well.
The first time a category is selected it takes a moment to build the list, but works quickly after that.
How To Install Star Tec
Fsociety (F_50ci3ty)
Fsociety (F_50ci3ty) is a new addon from the Looking Glass Repo.
It includes Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Music and much more.
How To Install Fsociety (F_50ci3ty)
Baldassare is a new Kodi addon from Swiper Dan’s Repository.
It is an all-in-one addon with sections for movies, TV shows and more.
It gives an option to play videos in HD or SD quality and plays them automatically.
How To Install Baldassare
The March Hare
The March Hare is a new Kodi addon from the Looking Glass repository.
It has lots of movies and TVs shows divided into easy to find categories.
How to Install The March Hare
Mr Robot
Mr Robot is a new all-in-one addons with sections to cover most any topic.
Sections include Live TV, Sports, Movies, TV Shows, Fitness, Stand up Comedy, Radio, Music, and much more.
How to Install Mr Robot
Midian is a new All-In-One Kodi Addon with lots of content.
It has sections for most everything including movies, TV shows, documentaries, fitness, music, and more.
The section called Grab Bag Deux has lots of 720 / 1080p Bluray and 3D / 4K links.
How To Install Midian
Project X
Project X is a new Kodi addon from Streetwise Repo.
It plays movies and TV shows along with many sub sections.
It pulls in the best links and list the HD ones at the top.
How To Install Project X
SpinzFlix is a new Kodi video addon from Spinz Tv Repo.
It has movies and TV shows along with SD and HD links.
It gives the option to use SD or HD streams and plays them automatically.
How To Install SpinzFlix
Rebirth 2017
Rebirth 2017 is a Kodi video addon from Cypher Locker repository.
It is a Fork of the once popular Exodus addon with updated code and links.
Since Exodus is no longer being maintained many forks have come along including Rebirth 2017 which has been working very well.
The layout is basically the same as Exodus with a few minor variations.
How To Install Rebirth 2017
Not Sure
Not Sure is an addon with tons of content and sections from movies to sports.
It has many ways and options to find links to play.
The sports section pulls in many links form reddit which can be very reliable.
How To Install Not Sure
Universe is an addon that plays movies and TV shows.
It has sections for HD an 3D movies.
The links are one-click- to play and start automatically.
How to Install Universe Kodi Addon
Supremacy is a good all-in-one addon that has a lot of content including 4K HD section.
It will try to find and play the best link available automatically.
How to Install Supremacy
Stealth is an all-in-one Kodi addon that has many sections.
It includes movies, TV shows, music, documentaries and more.
After clicking a link it goesout and finds the best ones available, and list the HD ones at the top.
How to Install Stealth
Deliverance is a Kodi sports addon that recently received and update.
It also has movie trailers, documentaries, music and more.
How to Install Deliverance
Uncoded is another Covenant Fork that plays movies and TV shows.
How to Install Uncoded
Supra Box
Supra Box is an All-In-One Kodi addon that has lots of categories to choose from and recently received an update.
The movie section has options for 1080p, 720p, DTS, and UHD 4K resolution.
How to Install Supra Box
Oculus is a new addon from the Trademark Repository.
It has movies and TV shows and has been working well.
The server has been running very slow taking awhile to download.
How To Install Oculus
Ultra IPTV
Ultra IPTV is a new Kodi Live TV addon from Cazlo repository.
It list streams to play from most any category including sports, news, TV and more.
How To Install Ultra IPTV
Stream Hub
Stream Hub is a older Kodi addon that has been updated.
The thing that makes stream Hub stand out is the ability to use the Mobdro APK which is now included.
It also includes many other sections such as documentaries and sports.
How to Install Stream Hub
Project D
Project D is a Kodi sports addon with all kinds of sports from football to basketball.
It also has a 3D movie section which works great if you have a 3D TV.
How to Install Project D
Bandicoot Vids
Bandicoot Vids is a new Kodi addon that plays concerts, movies, sporting events and YouTube.
The movies are older classic movies but play very well with one click.
How to Install Bandicoot Vids
Maverick TV
Maverick TV is an older addon that has recently been updated and has a new URL.
It has a lot of content from movies and TV shows to documentaries and music.
It is also a one click to play addon that finds the best stream available to play.
Instructions for Installing Maverick TV
SkyNet is another addon from Maverick TV Repo that woks very well.
It combines Maverick TV addons into one making it good for sports, movies, TV shows, and more.
How to Install SkyNet
Popcorn Time
Popcorn Time is a Kodi movie and TV show addon.
The layout is basic with movie and TV categories and subsections.
How To Install Popcorn Time
Looking Through the Glass
Looking Through the Glass is a new Kodi video addon.
It has many sections for movies and TV shows from Mad Hatter and Red Knight.
How To Install Looking Through the Glass
Genesis Reborn
Genesis Reborn is a Fork from the once popular Genesis addon with updated working code.
Since it is from the Genesis code it has the same layout and options as Genesis / Exodus had.
It is a good addon to have and has been continuously updated.
How To Install Genesis Reborn
Bucky Movies
Bucky Movies is a Kodi addon that is all about movies with a few TV shows.
After finding a video it gives the option to play it in SD or HD quality, then goes out finds the best link and automatically plays it.
It also has a dedicated 4K and 3D section.
The URL has changed to a new location with the server running a bit slow.
How To Install Bucky Movies
Sports Hub
Sports Hub is a sports plugin from the once popular Pro Sports Addon.
It has been updated and renamed.
Sections include NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, My Subreddits, Highlights, and more.
How To Install Sports Hub
Live Tube
Live Tube is a new Kodi addon that takes advantage of the many Live streams fed into YouTube.
As most know Live stream on YouTube often are live TV channels being fed in from Youtuber’s looking to get more hits.
What is available can be hit or miss but Live Tube is a good addon to add to any Kodi setup.
How To Install Live Tube Kodi Addon
What Is Kodi?
Kodi is a free Open Source media player that is available for many hardware platforms from a desktop computer to a smartphone.
Originally called XBMC it has been constantly updated with new versions.
Kodi by itself is a very nice free media player. Addons that are installed into Kodi are what give it more functionality.
For example a video addon will play movies and TV shows, while a music addon will stream music.
Read Here for A Guide To Kodi and StreamingMovies / TV Shows
What Is a Kodi Addon?
A Kodi addon is a program that runs within Kodi much like an App on a smartphone.
There are many kinds of addons for Kodi with the most popular ones being Video addons that play movies and TV shows.
Kodi add-ons have exploded in the last year with new ones coming out almost daily.We add new ones that are found to be working to this list and non-working ones removed.
No addons or plugins are coded by us and we have no connection with Kodi. Most all programs listed here are coded by third party sources.
How Is a Kodi Addon Installed?
Addons are installed from a Repository that holds the addon for download.
A Repository is a website that host the files for download.
The correct URL web address for the Repo needs to be typed into Kodi to install it.
Repositories can become overwhelmed with traffic at times which slows them down or even causes them to crash.
This page is updated regularly for the best working repository URLs and working add-ons.
What Is a VPN?
A VPN provides privacy and security while being online.
Entities such as Internet Service Providers or unscrupulous persons will only see encrypted data.
This gives a user anonymity as well as privacy while online.
A VPN is not necessary to use Kodi but can hide all online activities which has become very desirable.
The most popular VPN to use with Kodi is IPVanish since they are Kodi friendly, have worldwide high speed servers, and don’t keep any logs.
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