Simply Caz Kodi Repository

In recent weeks, several popular addons have disappeared overnight amid legal concerns. In their place, several brand new addons have sprung up from seemingly nowhere to fill the void.  In the middle of all this reshuffling, a small repository has emerged as a major player: Simply Caz.

To learn more about the Simply Caz repository, we took a closer look at what’s going on with this interesting new hub for Kodi 3rd party addons.  We’ve also provided new easy-to-follow installation instructions for Simply Caz at the bottom of the page.

Update 6/22/2017: The Simply Caz repository is no more. The administrator of Simply Caz has decided to shut down his repository due to legal concerns.

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Before we Proceed

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The “Kodipocalypse” rages on

If your Kodi hasn’t been working properly lately, that’s probably because one of the major sources of Kodi addons has been taken offline.

American direct-broadcast satellite service provider Dish Network has decided to take the developers behind the Zem TV addon to court.  They’ve also sued the popular addon download site TVAddons.  Both projects have closed in the wake of the lawsuits.  Also, some 3rd party addon developers working on other popular addons have shut down abruptly out of fear of being targeted next.

Media outlets are constantly proclaiming the end of Kodi.  However, those in the know generally agree that the latest drama is just a bump in the road.

Will Simply Caz replace TVAddons?

Fortunately for Kodi fans, not everyone involved with Kodi 3rd party addons is shutting down.  In fact, the addons and repositories that have remained online are getting lots of new traffic.

One of the repositories that has experienced a big boom of activity is Caz Wallace’s Simply Caz repository.

Who is Caz Wallace?

Caz Wallace is a Kodi developer, YouTuber and webmaster of the popular site for Kodi addons called

Over the years, Caz Wallace has posted hundreds of videos about Kodi to YouTube.  He has also developed a few 3rd party addons of his own, including an addon for Christians called Christian Live TV and a TV addon called Simply Caz TV.

The Simply Caz repository

Until recently, Wallace’s “Simply Caz” addon collection was just a minor “mirror” repository.  The official version of popular addons like Exodus lived on the huge addon repository known as TVAddons.

However, now that Wallace’s repository is one of the only ones left standing after the latest “Kodipocalypse,” Simply Caz is in a unique position to take over where TVAddons left off.

Tip: To find out how to download and install the standalone, repository free version of Exodus, read: Best Alternatives for Exodus – Exodus Replacements and Workarounds 

Will Dish Network sue Caz Wallace next?

For the moment, Dish Network’s attention appears to be focused on TVAddons and the makers of Zem TV.  However, the Simply Caz repository could easily go the way of TVAddons if Dish Network continues its aggressive stance against the Kodi addon community.

To put it another way, there is no clear reason why Dish Network’s legal team couldn’t go after Wallace in the same way that they went after TVAddons.  Even though Simply Caz doesn’t have as many addons as TVAddons once did, both repositories are providing the same service. And because the United States courts do occasionally punish people for infringing copyright laws, there’s no guarantee that the Simply Caz repo will stay up forever.

Regardless of what happens to Simply Caz, one thing is clear: as soon as one repo goes down, another will pop up in its place.  Authorities have a long battle ahead of them if they expect to keep playing “whack-a-mole” with every single Kodi repository under the sun.

Simply Caz is subject to United States law

Little is known about the TVAddons lead developer, other than the fact that he goes by the name Eleazar.  And there’s no easy way to see which country Eleazar was operating out of now that the site has gone dark.

However, Caz Wallace is almost certainly based out of the United States.  According to, the and websites are both registered in Florida.   If Wallace’s servers are indeed located in the US, then that means that he is subject to complicated and unclear US copyright laws and regulations.  What’s in store for the Simply Caz repo now that it’s becoming more popular is anyone’s guess.

How to install Simply Caz

If you already know how to install a repo, follow the quick installation steps outlined below.  But if you’re new to Kodi and need extra help, scroll down to the section entitled “Installation steps with screenshots (for beginners).”

Quick installation (for pros)

  1. Download the Simply Caz installation zip file ( from
  2. Install the zip file from within Kodi by clicking addons from the side menu, then the open box icon and then install from zip file.
  3. After the installation is complete, you can browse the Simply Caz repository by clicking install from repository.

Note: Most of the best addons in the Simply Caz repository are located in the folder called video addons.

Installation steps with screenshots (for beginners)

1.  Download the Simply Caz installation file to your desktop.

Download the zip to your computer.

2.  Install the Simply Caz zip file from inside of Kodi

Open up Kodi and click the addons menu on the side of the screen.  Then, click the box icon.

Next, click install from zip file.

Use the “install from zip file” menu to complete this step of the installation process.

3.  Browse the repository and install some addons.

Once you’ve got the Simply Caz repository, you can browse it and look for addons to install via install from repository.

Click “install from repository” and then select Simply Caz to browse Caz’s collection of Kodi addons.

As mentioned above, the best place to look for addons is the folder called video addons.

Update: Simply Caz is currently offline

Due to the fact that huge crowds of people are switching over from TVAddons to Simply Caz, the Simply Caz repo has been experiencing some technical difficulties in recent days.

In the YouTube video embedded below, Wallace details some of the problems that he’s been having with his repository.

“I can’t even get into my servers for anything, guys, and it’s annoying me really.  Now The annoying part isn’t that you guys are using it.  The annoying part is that I pay almost $2,000 to my hosting company so that I can get you guys the content.”

Wallace goes on to say that he has taken the Simply Caz repo offline temporarily while his host goes through the process of upgrading his account.

Technical difficulties

“I thought I had unlimited bandwidth, but obviously my hosting company changed the rules on me and didn’t update me on the changes.   Or at least they sent me of those emails that nobody reads.  But, I just paid $422 to try and get this upgrade.”

If Wallace is to be believed, his hosting provider has been giving him mixed information about the upgrade.  At first they said it would take 24 hours to implement, but later they said it would take 72 hours before the changes would go into effect.  Wallace decided to help speed up the process by taking his repository down temporarily.

Due to the fact that Wallace has been very active in the Kodi community for a long period of time, we believe that his repo will most likely be back online within a few days.

The return of TVAddons?

Rumors about the return of TVAddons started after this message was purportedly posted on the TVAddons forums:

“Big updates coming in next few days. Stay tuned for the best.”

We could not verify if the TVAddons team really posted that message because not long after this message was said to have appeared, the entire TVAddons domain went down. Since then, the TVAddons team has stopped communicating with the public.  On Twitter, all of TVAddons’ tweets are now protected.

The TVAddons team is no longer communicating with its fans via social media.

However, in recent days Reddit has been buzzing about a mysterious email letter.  The original letter is supposed to be 10 pages long, but for some reason only published one page of it.

A closer look at the TVAddons letter claims that the letter was sent out to all the developers associated with Kodi. The letter claims that news around the TVAddons shutdown isn’t accurate and it also describes what’s next for the addon site.

Here’s the full text:

Dear Developer:

No one likes to read a ten (page) letter, I know that. I really spent a lot of time writing this, and truly care about our community. I hope that for that reason you will take the information in here seriously, because even the most advanced developers make mistakes in regards to their privacy.

I’m not going to comment anything from last week, but will note that pretty much everything you’ll read online (including the TorrentFreak article) are highly sensationalized and spread all kinds of incorrect information.

As for the future, it’s important for us all to ensure that everyone is in compliance with the law. That means that you can’t publicize any type of specific content titles anywhere. It would also be nice to see people come up with fun and unique add-on names.

We are unable to associate with anything to do with direct linking, and strongly discourage you all from associating with those who do. Playlist add-ons are basically the same thing as running your own Primewire site, definitely not a good idea.

I’m personally looking very forward to seeing new legitimate add-on development, some of the most popular add-ons are legitimate ones, think FilmOn and USTVNOW, and there are definitely more sources to be found.

In closing, I’d like to assure everyone that TV ADDONS is not going anywhere, moving forward things are going to be more efficient, stronger, and more peaceful.  Thank you all for supporting our community for so long, much love to all of you.

Sincerely, Eleazar Coding

TVAddons: the new Napster?

If the above letter is in fact real, then it seems likely that TVAddons could be on the verge of making a Napster-esque comeback.

Napster was one of the very first file sharing networks to gain popularity.  Hundreds of thousands of people used Napster to download and share MP3 music files and other types of content, until legal pressure from A&M Records and several other record companies forced it to shut down in June of 2001.  Napster went dark for almost a few years until it reemerged as a legitimate and fully licensed digital music store in 2003.

If TVAddons does come back in a legal form, it will probably not look anything like it did before it shut down.  However, there are many reasons to doubt the veracity of the letter. For one thing, copyright holders don’t have much to gain from striking a deal with TVAddons.  The TVAddons brand is not nearly as popular as Napster’s was before authorities forced it to stop operating over a decade ago.

Watch out for fake news about TVAddons

Because TVAddons hasn’t confirmed the letter publicly, there’s no way to know if it’s real or not.  And with so many rumors swirling around about the recent shutdowns, there are far more questions than there are solid answers.

Several YouTubers are using “click bait” videos to take advantage of the recent Kodi chaos.  For example, we found one video entitled “EXODUS IS BACK!!! Donwload [sic] NOW on Kodi!”

Halfway through the video, the YouTuber cut to an old installation tutorial for Exodus.  The fake tutorial made it seem as though the TVAddons repository was back online.

Needless to say, the video has received lots of disappointed comments and “thumb down” votes.   However, lots of similar fake blog posts and misleading videos about TVAddons are floating around on the internet.

What do you think will happen next?

Recent events have left many unanswered questions in the minds of Kodi fans.

Is Simply Caz the future of Kodi?  Or, will TVAddons come back better than it was before it got shut down?  Is the recent letter from the TVAddons team real?  Or, is it just a fake?

Is the “Kodipocalypse” continue, or will the authorities give up on attempting to use legal action to defend their interests?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.