Push Zip Kodi Files On Fire Stick Adbfire

Kodi is still a craze among all movie lovers out there. In this How to Push Zip Files to Kodi on Fire Stick with adbFire, we will get to you in detail about getting the zip files onto your Kodi system if you are dealing with a Fire Stick.

Now beginning the post, Kodi is a software platform which is open source and lets you play online streaming content including TV shows, music, movies. It also allows you to play content stored in local storage too. Know more about Push Zip Files to Kodi on Fire Stick

Addons help in making the system work more efficiently. For all people using Fire Stick for Kodi, add-on installations may seem troublesome, because here we need to add zip files on Kodi. We will explain you this from the core part itself. Let’s get started!

push zip files kodi

Push Zip Files to Kodi on Fire Stick with adbFire

So we saw a brief intro on the Kodi system and their add-ons. Addons are some of the core utilities needed for the working of Kodi. Without these, the system won’t be of any use. Installing add-ons via a Fire Stick is a bit tough task. Know more about Push Zip Files to Kodi on Fire Stick

We all know repo files are needed for add-on installation, but sometimes when they are not available, we can make use of the zip files for installing add-ons. Again zip files can’t be easily downloaded when using the Fire Stick, for that you have to perform a certain process.

For this, you have to download the zip file on your personal computer and then push that zip file to the Fire Stick. Before that, you need to do some settings inside the Fire Stick first. We will see the steps to be followed below:

  1. Inside Fire Stick, choose the option Settings.
    firestick settings option
  2. Inside that tab, select the System option.
    settings system option
  3. Then go to the Developer Options.
    developer options system
  4. Turn ON the ADB Debugging option and also the option for Apps from Unknown Sources. The latter option will let you install apps from external source, other than the Fire Stick system itself.
    unknown sources security
  5. You will get a Warning message, tap on OK for this. You have the option to change this setting after the installation completes.
    warning dialogue box
  6. Now if you know, the IP Address of your Fire Stick system then skip the below four steps. But for those who don’t know then select the Settings tab.
    network ip address
  7. Inside this choose the System option.
  8. Select the About option now.
    about settings system
  9. Inside the About option, you will find the Network. Click on Network. You will find the IP Address information in the first row itself.
    network ip address

Now you need to install the zip file on the Fire Stick, so for that, we will show you the Sports Devil zip as an example. Also, download the zip file for that and save it at a known location. After this download and install the adbFire. Links provided below:

After the adbFire gets installed, open the software on your system and then follow the steps given below:

  1. As soon as the adbFire starts up, you will get a screen like this given below.
    adbFire first screen
  2. Choose the option New from the first row.
    new option adbFire
  3. You will get an adbFire Device Setup. Inside the Description part, give your Fire Stick a name and also provide the IP Address (which we checked before), then tap on Save option. Know more about Push Zip Files to Kodi on Fire Stick
    adbFire device setup
  4. Now opt for the Connect option from the main top menu bar.
    connect option top
  5. Under the Connected Devices, you will get the IP Address that we saved just now.
    connected devices ip
  6. Now choose the Preset directories option.
    preset directories section
  7. Tap on the up-down arrow, and then select the sdcard option from the listed ones.
    updown option sdcard
  8. Then select the Push button.
    push option adbFire
  9. Move to the location where you have saved the zip file, the one you wish to move/push and then select that file.
    zip file location
  10. A dialogue box is displayed asking your confirmation on pushing the file to the sd card. Click on Yes.
    push zip confirm
  11. After the process completes, a File Pushed message is shown. Then click on OK.
    file pushed ok

Now the rest of the process has to be done on the Kodi system. So moving to the Kodi software now.

  1. Start your Kodi application. And choose the primary tab SYSTEM.
  2. Tap on the Settings sub-menu. From the options displayed in the left pane, click the Add-ons one.
  3. Opt for the Install from zip file option.
  4. Select the External Storage choice among all the displayed options.
    external storage zip
  5. Inside this, you will get the zip file that you pushed in the previous section.
    plugin video zip
  6. You need to wait for some time till the Sports Devil Addon enabled notification is displayed.
    sportsdevil addon enabled

Therefore the zip file has been installed on your system, and you are all set to use the Addon on the Kodi system. It was indeed a lengthy procedure, but still, you will be able to enjoy the experience of using Kodi on Fire Stick. Know more about Push Zip Files to Kodi on Fire Stick

Hope this article helped you in the best way for solving out the issues that you were facing with the setup. There have been queries regarding the same, so we tried to make you understand the procedure in an easy to understand language.

We are finishing up this article on How to Push Zip Files to Kodi on Fire Stick with adbFire from our side. Let us know about the reviews of this post and also comment down your queries if any. Till then, keep visiting our page Kodi Addons!