Pulsar Kodi Addon

The Kodi multi-media player offers up a few great torrent streaming addons, including the popular Pulsar Kodi addon. Pulsar provides Kodi users with the ability to play torrents while they are downloading, resulting in a decrease in stream load times and an increase in stream quality. You’ll find that Pulsar is not only easy to add to your Kodi platform, but also incredibly easy to use with a lot of options. Our guide should help you get your Pulsar installed on your Kodi quickly. At the bottom, you’ll find a short review on this popular torrent addon.

Please read our disclaimer on downloading and using Kodi. Additionally, if you’re brand new to Kodi, consider checking out our beginner’s guide to Kodi. You may also want to consider viewing our piece on how to stay anonymous while torrenting.


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How to Install Pulsar on Kodi

  • Click here to download the latest Pulsar repository
  • After the download is complete, go to  System > Add-ons

  • From that screen, click on Install from zip file
  • Locate where you saved your repository

  • Click on the plugin zip file plugin.video.pulsar-0.6.1.zip to install the addon
  • You will now find Pulsar from your home screen under Videos > Add-ons

*Note: Pulsar has a functional and popular fork known as Quasar. You can click here to find out installation guide for Quasar.

Pulsar Kodi Addon Review

Pulsar takes a rather simple approach to its layout. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it does limit the user experience a bit. You’ll be greeted with a rather simple, short menu offering 4 options: Movies, TV Shows, Search and Paste URL. The last option, Paste URL, allows you to paste the URL from a torrent directly. Pulsar will download the file and allow you to view the movie or TV show within seconds.

Under Movies, you’ll find Search, Most Popular, Top Rated, Most Voted and IMDB Top 250. The IMDB Top 250 is a good option if you’re looking to catch up on any of the movies you’ve missed out on that get the most talked about.

Under TV Shows, you’re fairly limited in your options. Search and Most Popular are your only options here.

Is Pulsar worth your time? Maybe. It is, and remains, rather popular as a torrenting addon. However, it’s been somewhat surpassed by its fork, Quasar. This is because Pulsar has some significant stability issues. The addon is known to crash rather frequently, not load streams and simply not start at all. Our suggestion would be to download and try it out, but if you find it not working, switch over to the Quasar fork.