Netflix Streaming Problems Verizon

Netflix streaming problems with Verizon have come under investigation. As per this article, Verizon has been dropping Netflix traffic packets because it wants more money. This has affected Netflix streaming quality for a lot of unsatisfied users. Apparently, Verizon does not believe that getting money from customers alone is enough, it wants to be paid by Cognet as well. Needless to say that did not land very well with the Cognet folks.
Verizon is throttling Netflix traffic and causing Netflix streaming problems.

Verizon is throttling Netflix traffic and causing Netflix streaming problems.

Netflix streaming with and without VPN

Stream Netflix with Verizon through VPN and gain full speed

Stream Netflix with Verizon through VPN and gain full speed

How to fix Netflix streaming problems with Verizon

The way I see it you have one of 3 solutions

  1. Change your ISP : If you dont like the BS Verizon is pulling simply change your ISP, it is not acceptable for an ISP to ask another provider for money for the traffic it’s own customers are using. If this goes through all ISPs are going to do the same, and as a direct result the upstream providers such as Cogneto will ask Netflix to pay that bill. Which means it is us the end users which will end up with increased subscription rates to Netflix.But changing your ISP might not be an option as you might have paid for a yearly subscription, you have a reduced plan because you are committed to a muli-year plan  or there is not a better alternative option available for various reasons. If that is the case read point 2 Use VPN and point 3 Use a Smart DNS Proxy.
  2. Use VPNIf you use VPN Verizon will not know where your traffic is going as a final destination and Verizon will not know what your traffic contains as the traffic is encrypted.  Additionally, your traffic will bounce of the VPN server and go to the Cognet “ISP for Netflix” servers from there, thus bypassing the Verizon <-> Cognet Bottleneck “Refer to diagram above”. This will fix Netflix streaming problems with Verizon, as Verizon does not know you are streaming Netflix to start with. I personally use what is called PureVPN VPN Service, all you have to do is signup for a trial and you are up and running in a few moments “Easy to use VPN apps for all mobile and desktop systems“. As a bonus you can use VPN to change your location to any country globally, which allows you to watch BBC-Iplayer, CBC or Canal+. From a security perspective, VPN is the safest solution, it does encrypt,protect and change the source your traffic, additionally it protects your from DNS Hijacking and Transparent Proxies.
  3. Use a Smart DNS Provider : Smart DNS will not force all your traffic to one server, as a result your traffic will preserve it’s speed. However a Smart DNS proxy wont encrypt your traffic. The Smart DNS proxy will bounce your traffic of various different Akamai streaming servers “The servers responsible for Netflix streaming” which based on my experience will give you a way better streaming experience with Netflix. Again, you will get BBC Iplayer, all Netflix regions and a lot of other goodies. I use a free “Update : These guys ended their beta, but still provide a free one week trial” Smart DNS proxy service from home called Unlocator, it took me a few minutes between free signup and change of DNS servers to get up and running.

Netflix Issues with Verizon ISP

I hope you liked my article and will come back for more, check VPN vs SmartDNS Proxy if you would like to read more about the differences between these two services. Happy streaming !