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The Kodisrael repository, which is also known as Kodil, Kodi Israel or Kodi Israel Group is old but gold. It includes hundreds of add-ons, several of them quite interesting. And with the recent disappearance of several repositories (Fusion (aka TVAddons) and Echo (aka Orion), for example), it could be a good place to find older but working versions of your favorite add-ons. As its name implies, Kodisrael is developed by a team in Israel and consequently, hosts a good number of Israeli add-ons.

For those new to Kodi who might not already know it, a repository (often shortened to repo) is one of Kodi’s easiest way of installing add-ons. Each repository includes several add-ons that can be installed with a single click. Furthermore, installing an add-on from a repository usually ensures that all the required dependencies are also installed.

In this article, we’ll go over the detailed steps required to install the Kodisrael repository. Once that is done, we’ll give a guided tour, letting you know how to navigate its interface and how to install addons from it. We’ll concentrate on some of the interesting content you’ll find in Kodil, and then introduce you the add-ons we believe are worth paying attention to.

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Before we Proceed

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How to install Kodisrael (Kodil)

Installing Kodisrael (Kodil) is pretty simple if you follow the following steps.

Like most repository installations, you first need to configure the appropriate source. From Kodi’s home screen, click the Settings icon (the small gear at the top left)

Now, click on File manager

Double click on Add source

Click None

Type in (or cut and paste) exactly the following text: http://kdil.com/repo/ then click OK

Under Enter a name for this media source, type in a name that you’ll remember (I called it “Kodil Source”) then click OK

Navigate back to the Kodi Home Screen and click on Add-ons

Click the add-on browser icon (the small open box at the top left)

Click Install from file

Click on the source you added previously (Kodil source, in my case)

Click Kodil.zip

Wait for a few seconds and that’s it! The repository is now installed as confirmed by the message at the top right of the screen.

How to Install Addons from the Kodisrael (Kodil) Repo

To access the Kodisrael repository, from the add-on browser, you first need to click Install from repository

Then you click ..Kodil Repository

Navigating within the Kodisrael repository—or any repository—is just like everywhere else in Kodi, you simply click the different elements to open them and click back to return. As for installing add-ons, it couldn’t be simpler. When you click an add-on from one of the sections, you get to a screen like this one:

Simply click the Install button to complete the installation of the add-on and all its dependencies.

A guided tour of Kodisrael

Now that we’ve installed, let’s have a look at what’s available inside. When you first enter the repository, you’re presented with a list of sections.

Each section lists different types of add-ons. There are sections for add-on repositories, context menus, information providers, look and feel, lyrics, music add-ons, program add-ons, PVR clients, services, subtitles video add-ons and weather. To the regular Kodi user, many of these sections are of little interest. However, let’s pay a closer look at some of the more interesting sections.

Video add-ons

This is where you’ll find the most interesting—and most popular—add-ons. After all, isn’t Kodi mostly about streaming video content for most of us? There are close to a thousand items in this section, 802, to be precise. We’ll have a deeper look at a few of these in just a minute.


This section offers add-ons that are used to fetch subtitles from the Internet and/or display them on your screen as you’re watching videos. Some of the can be quite useful and allow you to watch videos in a foreign language while enjoying subtitles in yours.

Music add-ons

The music add-ons section lists close to 100 different sources of music you can use with Kodi. In addition to some Kodi-specific add-ons, you’ll also find Kodi front-ends for well-known internet music services and sites such as Tune-in Radio, Soundcloud, and Spotify. These add-ons will allow you to listen to music from these sites from within Kodi itself.

Add-on repositories

In this section, you’ll find almost 500 other repositories that you can install. Among them, you’ll find popular repos such as SuperRepo, Noobs and nerds or Smash, two of which were part of our recent list of best repositories. We’ll go into more details on this later, as we explore the best of Kodisrael.

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Some of Kodisrael’s most interesting content

Now that you’ve had a quick overview of what can be found within the Kodisrael repository, we can pay closer attention to some of its most popular content.

Interesting video add-ons

Some of the most interesting video add-ons for Kodi are available in Kodisrael. Among them, we can mention an older, but working version of Exodus for those of you who’ve missed it since its official home went down. There are also popular add-ons such as Elysium, cCloud TV, Cartoons8, f4mTester, FilmOn, Icefilms, Made in Canada IPTV, Maverick, MetalliQ, Quasar, Specto, SportsDevil, SALTS, and Genesis Reborn that can be found in Kodirael. Let’s look at a few of them more closely.


Exodus used to be the most popular Kodi add-on. That was until its home, the TVAddons repository, went down a few weeks ago. Exodus was so popular not only because it offered great content but also because it looked good and was particularly easy to navigate with an intuitive menu structure. Another of Exodus’ major advantages is its use of multiple sources. While other add-ons will only fetch content from a handful of sources, Exodus has dozens of them.

Fortunately, the last version of Exodus can be found on Kodisrael. So, until a new add-on can rise to the level of sophistication of Exodus, you can still use it. However, you may find that many streams are now broken, due to the fact that they just haven’t been updated in some time. In the meantime, we’ve provided some recommendations on Exodus alternatives in the article below.

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Pro Sport

The Pro Sport Kodi add-on is one of the lucky add-ons that was unscathed by the recent troubles that affected the Kodi scene. Pro Sport is arguably the best add-on for sports. This add-on provides same-day replays of NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB games. In addition, you can also find some live games if you’re on time. The Pro Sport add-on will usually offer the game replays just minutes after they end. Pro Sport also has an archive section if you want to watch games from the recent past.

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Stream all the sources (SALTS)

This add-on name says it all. Stream All The Source or SALTS as it’s often called will scrape multiple sources to offer you the best streams. If you like to watch TV shows, this is certainly an add-on you’ll want to install.

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Another great feature of SATS is its search engine. You don’t have to navigate through level after level of menus to find something in particular. The search engine will find it for you.

cCloud TV

cCloud TV is one of the most popular IPTV add-ons for Kodi. It gives you access to hundreds of TV channels mainly from the US and UK. Among others you’ll find some of the most popular cable or broadcast TV channels from both countries. And to make it even easier to find what you’re looking for, the add-on has a search engine.

Another useful feature of this add-on is the access to a huge number of international radio stations. cCloud TV also integrates with Renegades TV Guide and iVue TV Guide, giving you previews of what’s airing on each channel.

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If you’re a cartoon fan, Cartoons8 is for you. Within this add-on, you’ll find popular cartoons and anime shows. With an exclusive focus on those two genres and a well-organized menu structure, you should be able to quickly find what you’re looking for. There are subsections for anime and some for more “standard” cartoons.

Made in Canada IPTV

The Made in Canada IPTV add-on contains most major US and UK channels in addition to major Canadian channels. Under its main menu, you’ll find sections for Canadian English TV, Canadian French TV, Sports Central, Hockey, NLL Lacrosse, USA channels and UK channels. Canadian English and French TV are pretty self-explanatory – each gives you access to a few dozen stations in the respective language.

Under Sports Central, you’ll have access to major and minor league sports matches, live sports channels and the CBC sports channels. The Hockey section provides access to live games and replays from every hockey league in North America. Similarly, the NLL Lacrosse section lets you view live Lacrosse matches as well as replays.

As for the USA and UK channel lists, well, as you might have figured out, they contain most USA and UK TV stations. If you’re looking for a full-featured IPTV content add-on, this one’s for you.

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Other video add-ons worth discovering

For more information on a few other interesting video add-ons found in Kodisrael, make sure you have a look at these recommended articles.

Popular repositories available from within Kodisrael

Several other popular repositories can be installed directly from the Kodisrael repository. That saves you from having to create a source before installing them from zip, as we often do for repositories.


SuperRepo is very popular and it is huge. It is so big that its developers have decided to split it into several parts. You first install the base SuperRepo by selecting it from the Add-on repositories section of Kodisrael and clicking Install.

After that, when you browse the repository, you’ll be presented with a list of 46 sub-repositories arranged by add-on category, content genre or content language. You can then choose to install only those sub-repos that you want.

For instance, if you’re only interested in video add-ons, you’ll only install the SuperRepo Category Video, as seen above.

Noobs and nerds

Relatively small in terms of the number of add-ons it contains compared to other repositories like Kodisrael or SuperRepo, the Noobs and nerds repo is important because contains a few very interesting add-ons.

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For example, one of the interesting add-ons available in the Noobs and nerds repo is Bob (Unrestricted) – a new video add-on that could eventually rise to replace Exodus or Specto.

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Smash is another interesting repo that can be installed from within Kodisrael. It is another smaller repo in terms of quantity of available content but hosts some interesting addons. The most notable of these are 1Channel and Alluc.

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1Channel is a video add-on that shines because of its search capabilities. With searching being an often neglected feature in most Kodi Kodi video add-ons, 1Channel seems to fill that gap pretty well.

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With so much available content, the Kodisrael repository is one that you’ll certainly want to install. It will give you a great deal of great content and its installation is so easy that it will be well worth your efforts.