Kodi NFL Replays 2017

To be frank, there’s absolutely no substitute for watching sports live. But let’s be realistic here. There are more sports out there than any of us could conceivably watch simultaneously. Not that we would want to, of course. Thankfully, replays exist, and even better, Kodi is probably the best place to get them. NFL replays on Kodi are especially easy to find and an extremely good way to catch all of the regular season games you may have missed — and even ones you simply want to watch again and again.

Keep this in mind: Not every live streaming sports addon also offers up sports replays. Does your favorite NFL addon have replay options? We’ve scoured Kodi, Kodi repositories, and the good old internet to find you the best Kodi addons for getting NFL replays. We’ve also provided some helpful analysis of each addon. Some of these addons we’ve reviewed in more detail as well (with helpful links to those reviews). For those we haven’t yet reviewed, we’ve provided a quick installation guide and a quick rundown on that addon.

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Click here to access our Castaway install guide.

Castaway has been having some issue as of late, but these have not affected the entire addon. There are still several good areas within the addon that work just fine. Thankfully, the on-demand sections appear to be working well.

Castaway has a section specifically for video-on-demand, and a section specifically for American Football (NFL and College). Clicking there leads you to 4 potential links, 3 streaming, one torrent. If you’re into torrents, go ahead and have a blast. Just remember to use a VPN before you start downloading any torrents. (We’ve recently reviewed several VPN services. Feel free to check them out here.) If you’re not into torrenting, of the three websites Castaway scrapes for NFL replays, “fullmatchtv” is the one you want. However, these streams require you to “log in” in order to get OpenLoad access.

This is simple to do before you start. Head over to Openload.co/Pair, click on the Captcha to prove you’re not a robot, then scroll down past the slightly NSFW advertisements to the word “pair”. That’s all it takes, and OpenLoad says this is good for 4 hours of streaming. They utilize your IP address to do this so, again, make sure you’re connected to a VPN before you pair up with OpenLoad. We tested out the streams and confirmed they work. The other scraped links didn’t work at our time of testing.

Castaway also connects you to streaming subreddits. We suggest you add the /r/nflstreams subreddit on there. When we checked it was empty. However, we’ve been told that there are replays in there at times, so it may be a good idea to add it and check it regularly.

For all its current faults, Castaway is still one of the best options for a lot of sports related streaming.

Pro Sport

You can easily find Pro Sport in the Fusion Installer from TV ADDONS. To get the Fusion Installer, go to System > File Manager > and in “None,” enter “https://fusion.tvaddons.co/Then, go to System > Settings > Add-ons > Install from zip > Fusion > Start Here > and select the following: “plugin.program.addoninstaller-1.1.7.zip”. Addon Installer is now installed, located under “Programs”.

Pro Sport has a great, straightforward layout. This addon provides access to both live NFL streams and on-demand. If you’re looking for the on-demand options, you’ll need to head down to the “Archives” section. There you’ll find NFL on-demand streams easily accessible going back several weeks. Unlike most other addons, Pro Sport lets you pick your streaming quality. Most streams allow you to select either 720p or 360p. We tested out a 720p stream. The quality was excellent and we didn’t suffer any buffering issues. This may be a much better option than Castaway, given it’s much easier to use without having to connect to any outside websites.

Additional Options to Watch (Or Avoid)

We tested several other options that other websites have mentioned. However, we could not find any other working NFL replays on these addons. However, that does not mean that you may not find working replays on these streams in the future. In order to provide a more complete record, here are other addons others have mentioned that we found not working at our time of testing.

Super Replays

This addon has been mentioned on several other websites as a great option. And while we found that it does have an NFL replays section, we could not find a stream to speak of. All of the folders appeared to be completely empty.

If you wish to install this addon for future reference, use the following repository source link: https://xunitytalk.me/xfinity. You can add the repository by going to System > File Manager > Add Source > and type in the repo link (https://xunitytalk.me/xfinity). From there, you can find the addon by going to System > Add-ons > Install from zip file > xfinity > XunityTalk_Repository.zip. This will add the XunityTalk repo. You can then find the Super Replays addon under System > Add-ons > Install from repository > .XunityTalk Repository.

Sports Mix

We’ve seen this addon mentioned on several websites as a good alternative for finding sports replays. We’re unsure why this addon gets regularly mentioned for sports-related content, but we’ve yet to find any value in it. If you still want to install it, you can follow our installation and review guide here.

Sports Devil

Sports Devil is a great live streaming addon. But we could not find any value in it for sports replays. Nevertheless, other sites have mentioned it as a viable option for this purpose. If you want to install it, we have an installation and review guide here.

NFL Replays

We’ve seen this addon mentioned in several locations online. However, we tried to install it and found that it doesn’t appear to exist. At least, not anymore. The addon was originally from natko1412, and found within that repository, but no longer exists to our understanding and from what we can tell through our research.