Instructions To Fix Easynews Kodi Addon Not Working

Easynews addon in several case is not working properly on our kodi TV box. It's will make you frustrating when you install kodi addon and got some error notice. But how to fix Easynews addon error issue? for the first time you have to ensure your Easynews addon installations is correct. Set your kodi addon get an automatically update from Easynews addon repo source, so it's make your kodi addon always stay uptodate. If all steps done, you need to make sure your ISP not blocking Easynews addon to stream contents from the internet. Use VPN to bypass your internet provider such as IPVanish, we already testing Easynews addon use this private connections and works very well, check out our Easynews addon install guide bellow.

Instructions To Fix Easynews Kodi Addon Not Working

Easynews is one of the best known Usenet providers.  For year’s they’ve offered a feature unmatched by other Usenet services and now there is an Easynews Kodi addon to go with it.  The Easynews web interface gives members Usenet access without installing and configuring a client like SABnzbd.  A lot of torrent users are drawn to Easynews for it’s ease of use.  That was before the Kodi addon.  Now it’s an easy decision.  Easynews will give you a private source for some of the best content around.  Best of all they offer a 14 day free trial so you’ll have two weeks to try the service for free.

The first key to using the Easynews addon for Kodi is understanding how Usenet works.  It differs from other Kodi sources.  When you fire up your favorite video addon, let’s say SALTS, and bring up sources, they may or may not be reliable.  Easynews is different as Usenet pulls content from private newsgroup servers.  This makes the service far more reliable than other Kodi premium services like Real Debrid.  There is a cost associated with Easynews but it’s well worth it as you will gain access to all kinds of obscure content that would not be available otherwise. We’ve been using the service for years and love it.
To make Easynews Addon installations works on your Kodi, you have to use a VPN connections. We are recommended you to use IPVanish because our team already testing the Easynews addon use IPVanish and it's working very well. You can Save 60% Off IPVanish VPN by using our coupon code, the coupon applied automatically when use our link.

How to Install Easynews Add-on for Kodi v17 Krypton

  1. Start by opening Kodi.
  2. On the left side, click on the category that says Add-ons.
  3. Next, proceed to the settings. You can get there by clicking on the gear icon. In the category that says Add-ons, you’ll need to move the slider for Unknown sources to the On position if you have not previously. You’ll get a message warning you about doing that, so just click Yes.
  4. Now, navigate back to the home screen and click on the folder icon. The next screen is the File Manager. When you see the list, scroll down and double click on Add source.
  5. By doing so, you’ll see a box pop up that says Add file source.
  6. Start by clicking on the highlighted line that says <None>.
  7. You will now be prompted to enter the web address.
  8. Enter exactly and hit the Done button.
  9. This media source needs a name. Enter Xunity and then click the OK button to add the source.
  10. Once added, return to the home screen, and select Add-ons. You should see the icon of an opened box with an arrow pointing inside. Go ahead and click on it. This is the addon browser screen. Select Install from zip file.
  11. The file you just named Xunity will appear in your list, so click on it to access it.
  12. Out of all the options here, choose the one that says
  13. Wait a moment and you’ll see a message stating that the addon is enabled.
  14. This time, select the option that says Install from repository.
  15. Find Xunity.Talk Repository, select EasyNews and then click Install.
  16. Wait for the message that says the addon is enabled.

How to Install Easynews Addon for Kodi v16 Jarvis

  1. Open Kodi
  2. From the home screen, hover your mouse over the System heading, and choose File Manager.
  3. Next, click on Add source.
  4. From here, click in the box that says <None>.
  5. In the address field, enter exactly and hit the Done button.
  6. Now, you need to name the file. Call it whatever you like, but we suggest something like Xunity and hit the OK button.
  7. Once added, go back to the home screen and click on the System heading.
  8. Choose the heading on the left that says Add-ons, and click on it.
  9. Of the five options provided, choose Install from zip file.
  10. You’ll now see the files you have available. Pick the file you just added.
  11. Now you’ll want to choose the one that says
  12. In a moment, you will see a addon enabled notification message telling you it is ready.
  13. Next you will want to click on Install from repository.
  14. Choose the Xunity.Talk Repository.
  15. Now select Video addons, EasyNews, and Install.
  16. Now that you have the Easynews addon installed, there are still a few steps remaining. Next you need to configure your Easynews account with the addon. Follow the instructions below to get started.

How to Configure and Use the Easynews Addon

  1. From the home screen hover over Videos and select Add-ons.
  2. Hover over EasyNews, press “c”, and then click Add-on settings.
  3. We will start on the Accounts tab. You can enable SSL by choosing “Use Easynews SSL“. There is also an area to enter in IMDB and Trakt account info.
  4. The Easy News tab is very important. This is where you will enter your Easynews username and password after selecting “Easy account” to enable the fields.
  5. You have set the most important settings. The remaining tabs, Movies and TV-Shows, will let you set preferences.