Install VPN Kodi Android Phones

Downloaded Kodi on your Android device? You’re moving in the right direction. Next step: VPN. It’s actually pretty easy to install a VPN for Kodi on Android mobile phones. There are some good and some bad VPNs on Google Play. We’ll help you get set up with the best one


We highly suggest using a VPN to ensure that you remain anonymous while streaming content through Kodi on an Android mobile phone. Our personal recommendation for the best Kodi VPN is IPVanish.

Access Every Kodi Addon
Get past any geo-restrictions, firewalls or ISP blocks to unlock access to every Kodi addon.
Multi-Device Support
IPVanish has apps for your android box, computer and mobile devices.
Complete Privacy
No one (including your ISP) can see what you’re watching. End to end encryption.
No Logs
IPVanish does not collect or log any traffic or use of its VPN service.
7-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Test it out! See the difference or get your money back.

Bonus: TvAddonsGuide readers will also receive 25% off their first month’s payment on any plan.


VPNs Apps on Google Play

As with most things on Android’s Google Play Store, there’s a large amount of low-quality software available. VPNs are no different. There are well over 200 VPNs available on the Google Play Store right now. We’d like to officially discourage you from using any of the free ones you might find. It’s tempting, but it’s ultimately a bad idea.

  • Free VPNs are not nearly as safe to use
  • Most free VPNs will throttle speeds
  • Most free VPNs lack the highest security levels
  • Many free VPNs will sell your user data
  • Many free VPNs will lack no-logging policies and necessary features, such as obfuscation and kill switches

There are a good number of paid services that offer VPNs for Android mobile phones. Private Internet Access, ExpressVPN, NordVPN and IPVanish, all services we’ve reviewed on our site, offer VPN applications. Installing any of these is a simple and rather easy process.

How to Install a VPN for Kodi on Android Mobile Phones

One of our favorite VPNs here at TvAddonsGuide is IPVanish. Below you’ll find an easy-to-follow guide for installing the VPN and getting it all set and ready to use with Kodi on your Android phone.

To start, you’ll want to top on over to your Google Play Store.

Next, type in “IPV” in the search bar.

You should see the IPVanish application right at the top. Click on it, and then click on “Install.”

Next, you’ll want to open it up.

IPVanish will load up fine, although you will need an account in order to access the application.

Once in, you’ll probably note that the interface looks different than on a normal Android mobile device or the Windows PC or a Mac. Still, you’ll be able to adjust your settings and choose your locations in the same format, just with a pared-down user interface.


A Few Notes on Kodi for Android Mobile Phones

Android is a high-functioning mobile operating system, but it’s not without its faults. If the Gooligan malware has taught us anything, it’s that Android mobile phones are not completely free of danger. Indeed, although Android runs all applications in a sandbox, ostensibly disallowing them to interact with each other, apps can still be a huge risk, especially if you’re using them to access potentially high-risk material.

The primary reason for installing a VPN on your Android phone will be to protect it from hackers. However, it can go a long way to helping protect your phone against data leaks like that what we’ve seen happen with Gooligan. For Kodi, viruses are unlikely, but not impossible, as some add-ons may be used to spread malware to users’ devices.

VPNs like IPVanish provides ready access to the kind of protections against hackers that you need. Most security experts recommend using VPNs, including the experts over at Kaspersky Labs, who recommend a VPN for pretty much everyone. That includes Android mobile phone users. Android is certainly safer than Windows machines, but it’s still a risk without a VPN.