Install Specto Kodi Addon

As high-functioning fork of the popular Genesis addon, Specto is a great addition to your Kodi library. If you’re into movies and TV shows, this is one Kodi addon you’re going to want to install today. Below you’ll find our detailed installation guide for how to install the Specto Kodi addon, including pictures to take you through the process. At the bottom, we’ve taken a closer look at all of the features and limitations of this addon. You’ll know exactly what you can expect from Specto, including what it does well and where it falls short.


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How to Install Specto Kodi Addon

  • Go to System

  • Click on File manager

  • You can name it anything (we named it “Specto”)
  • Return to the home page, and go back to System
  • Go to Add-ons

  • Click on Install from zip
  • Find your folder (based on what you named it)

  • Click on

  • Click on the most recent version and install it. For us, this was, indicating that it was updated on October 31, 2016

  • You’ll see a notification pop up on the bottom right when your addon is installed
  • Head to Videos > Add-ons to locate your new Specto installation

Specto Fork Benefits and Limitations

Specto is one of the best and most enjoyable Kodi addons around. This addon is also highly customizable and very well cared for. The developer is constantly updating this addon, adding new features, fixing known errors and in general, and making minor touch-ups to increase the user experience. It’s possibly one of the most constantly updated Kodi addons available, which is why it is a community favorite and why it works so consistently and so well.

On the inside, you’ll find addon offers you two, key things: new and old movies and television shows.

The “Movies” section has a long list of search options:

  • Genre
  • Year
  • People
  • Featured
  • People Watching
  • Most Popular
  • Most Voted
  • Box Office
  • Oscar Winners
  • In Theaters
  • Latest movies

Additionally, you can favorite different movies and then go back to those movies you’ve favorites quite easily. The movie genres are rather extensive as well, covering everything from action to drama, and even includes a category for family-friendly movies and musicals. The addon features movies from 1967 to present.

The “TV Shows” section also has a long list of search options that are very similar. It drops the Box Office, Oscar Winners, and People Search categories, while adopting two different ones: Networks and TV Calendar. These categories allow you to search for TV shows by television network (primarily US and UK networks) and by the actual date.

This addon works well all around. However, the TV Calendar option tends not to work as intended. Clicking on dates often yields no results. That, however, is the only negative we have found with this addon. Shows work well, and you can find a lot of great streams in high quality or even HD. Most movies and TV shows will have a long list of streaming sources that indicate the quality of the source from LQ (low-quality) to HD.