Install Salts Kodi Addon

Are you looking to stream movies and TV shows? If you don’t have the SALTS Kodi addon, you’re going to want to install it today. A fair number of Kodi addons are more of a backup option. SALTS is not one of them. The SALTS (Stream All The Sources) Kodi addon operates as a multi-scraper, sifting through a large list of sites to bring in top quality streams. We’ll start this article by giving you the installation instructions for SALTs. Towards the end of the article, we’ll dig into the details what you can do with SALTs.

Update 7/17/2017: The latest version of SALTS has been relocated to the Cypher’s Locker Repo. You can find that repo here: We will be adding an installation guide soon.

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Before we Proceed

We highly recommend using a VPN when using Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various addons. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish - a complete privacy solution for Kodi users. It's also worth noting that purchasing a 12 month subscription will give you two months free.


How to Install SALTS on Kodi

You’ll find SALTS exist in more than one location. We’ve also found that this addon has changed hands a few times, so we’ll keep you updated on where to find the latest working versions.

Best Option: Cypher’s Locker

Cypher’s Locker currently has the latest version of SALTS.

To install Exodus through the Cypher’s Locker repo, do the following:

  • From your Kodi home screen, select Settings (gear symbol) option at the top left
  • Head to File manager
  • Select the words Add source at the bottom
  • Click where you see <None>,  click on it, and then type in or copy/paste the following web address:

  • Type in a name at the bottom, such as “CyphersLocker” and click OK
  • Go back to your Kodi home screen and select Addons on the left
  • Click on the Package Symbol (top left)

  • Select Install from zip
  • Find your CyphersLocker web source connection and click it

  • Select the zip file located there to install it

  • Go back to the screen where you found Install from zip and head to Install from repository
  • Find your Cypher’s Locker repository and select it

  • Select Video addons and then Stream All The Sources (SALTS)

  • Finally, click Install to add SALTS to your library (or Update if you are here to update SALTS)

Option 2: Kodil (Kodisrael) Repository

  • Copy and paste the following link into your browser:
  • This will download the Kodil repository zip file
  • Open up your Kodi application
  • Click on Addons
  • Click My Addons

  • Select the ellipses (…) at the top

  • Click on Install from zip

  • Find your downloaded file from above and click on it to install
  • Return to your the screen with Install from zip option, then select Install from repository

  • Find your Kodisrael Repository. Click on it to open it up, then click on Video addons.

  • Select Stream All The Sources and then select Install

You will receive an installation confirmation on the right-hand side of your screen. After that, you can find SALTS with the rest of your video addons.

A Note About Other Repositories

If you have multiple repositories installed on your computer, you may notice that you have a choice between several different repositories to download SALTS. For example, when I go to install the SALTS Kodi addon, I get the following choices:

As you can see, there are 5 repositories installed on my system where a version of SALTS might be located. However, the only current, working option is the Kodil (Kodisrael) repository. Although you may see SALTS listed in other repositories, you are likely to get an “installation failed” message if you attempt to install from another location. If you get such messages for SALTS or other addons, there’s a good chance that the repository is no longer hosting that file.

SALTS has come and gone a few times and changed repositories several times. If you attempted to install SALTS from the Kodil repository and receive an “installation failed” notification, please let us know. It likely means the Kodil repository is either down, or has stopped hosting this addon.

Kodi Addon SALTS Feature Walkthrough

SALTS is, unquestionably, one of the kings on the block when it comes to Kodi streaming add-ons. SALTS brings out the best that streaming addons have to offer, without making things overly complicated. The biggest benefit, of course, is in the name: All The Sources. Realistically, SALTS doesn’t actually connect to all of the sources. But it gets close enough to that to make it free from false advertising. And, thankfully, SALTS does not make you sift through the streaming links all by yourself.

General Addon Overview

The auto-resolver that SALTS uses will cycle through the streams at a very fast rate, pulling up the first, quality one that it can find and start streaming it right away. You can change the resolver priorities as well. That way, if you want nothing less than high-quality streams, or want SALTS to prioritize those first, that’s what you can get. Alternatively, if you’re working with a slow connection and need something low quality and less bandwidth-hungry, that works too.

SALTS streams both TV shows and movies. Each is separated into its own category. The TV Shows category has further submenus, including ones for trending shows, popular programs, anticipated and recently updated shows and more. There is a “Genres” section (perfect for finding new, topical shows) and a calendar of current shows and even show premiers.

You can also perform a search, save your searches and review previous searches. The movies section is equally well-organized, including a “Movie Mosts” section, covering a variety of “mosts,” such as most played (week and month), most watched and most collected. In both areas, you can find streams of varying qualities, including those coming in HD. You can also see how many views each streaming link has had.

Limitations are hard to find with this addon, which is part of why it is an overwhelmingly popular addition to anyone’s addon library. However, one note is that some of the genres provided have nothing in them. Only a small negative, but it does happen. Chances are, you’ll find yourself coming back to SALTS over and over.

Detailed Feature Breakdown

When you first open SALTS, you’ll see three distinct sections: Movies, TV Shows, and Settings. We’ll break down how you can benefit from each of these sections.

SALTS TV Section

As of this time of writing, the full list of sections for SALTS TV  show viewing includes:

  • Trending TV Shows
  • Popular TV Shows
  • Anticipated TV Shows
  • Recently Updated TV Shows
  • TV Show Mosts
  • Genres
  • Other Lists
  • General Calendar
  • Premiere Calendar
  • Search
  • Recent Searches
  • Saved Searches

The search functions here are self-explanatory. You can search for specific TV shows, save those searches, or view recent searches you may have performed.

For Trending and Popular, you’ll see a list of shows that others are viewing or that are frequently searched. These are also the shows that you may hear others raving about or ones that are currently popular that you may not have heard about yet.

The Anticipated Shows section lists shows that have not yet aired, but that are coming sometime soon. For example, you can learn a little bit more about shows set to air for the first time in the coming season, or shows that are airing their next season.

The Premiere Calendar complements the Anticipated Shows section. The Premiere Calendar automatically shows you what is premiering from today’s date forward. If a show is airing today, it will be marked with a “TDA” in front of the show’s name. If the show is airing tomorrow, it will be marked with a “TOM” in front of the show name.

You can use the Premiere Calendar to stay on top of when your favorite shows are airing so that you don’t miss your favorite shows. Note that you cannot stream any shows from here. This section is purely informational.

You can also go back to the previous weeks to see if you missed any interesting premieres, or forward to the next few weeks to see exact dates for when some of your favorite shows or new shows are airing episodes.

The other TV sections are easy to navigate and use to find different TV streams.

One TV Shows menu option you may find unique is the “Other Lists” section. Here, you can add another user’s watch list. This can only be accomplished if you setup a Trakt account with your SALTS. You can do so through the Settings menu.

To learn more about setting up a Trakt account, check out our article on How to Install on Kodi.

SALTS Movies Section

There’s not too much to say about the SALTS Movies section. You’ll find this section is relatively straightforward without adding any unique options outside of other addons. The following menus exist in the Movies section:

  • Trending Movies
  • Popular Movies
  • Anticipated Movies
  • Recently Updated Movies
  • Movie Mosts
  • Genres
  • Other Lists
  • Search
  • Recent Searches
  • Saved Searches

The Trending TV Movies Popular Movies, Anticipated Movies and Recently Updated Movies all offer similar content, just with a different approach. It’s quite likely that you’ll run some crossovers between those sections, such as some of the same titles showing up under “Trending” that are also in “Popular” or “Recently Updated,” for example. The Movie Mosts section is the only real unique section for the SALTS addon movie list. You can enjoy a few, directed submenus if you’re looking for interesting movies that fit a certain “most” category.

As with the TV Shows section, you can add in another user’s list, as long as you have integrated with your Kodi and SALTS addon. There is no separate setup needed for the movies and TV show Trakt lists. Everything is well integrated into the addon.

SALTS Settings

Stream All The Sources (SALTS) is a very versatile addon. You’ll find a good number of ways you can personalize the addon through the Settings menu. Under Settings, you’ll find the following options:

  • Scraper Sort Order
  • URL Resolver Settings
  • Addon Settings
  • Auto-Configure SALTS
  • Reset All Scraper Base URLS to Default
  • Authorize SALTS to access my account
  • Repair URLResolver
  • Set Default Views
  • Remove Cached URL(s)
  • This addon developed and supported at (no longer accurate)

Most of the options you’ll find here relate specifically to the main function of SALTS: web scraping. SALTS and addons like it search the web for movie and TV streams, then display those streams within the Kodi media player.

SALTS uses what’s known as a URLResolver to help automate this process. The URLResolver will determine if streams exist if they’re working, and then offer them up to you as an option for streaming in Kodi.

If, for some reason, your SALTS streams stop working, check your URL Resolver Settings, or run the “Repair URLResolver” option here. Running the repair feature will attempt to determine if there is an issue with the resolver (such as a full cache) and fix the problem to help fix streaming issues.

You can also run the Auto-Configuration, which will help optimize your SALTS addon to pick the best streams for your internet connection and set other personal preferences. As you can see from the image below, you can choose from a long list of setting preferences. SALTS will automatically adjust the settings to your liking:

We recommend that you avoid changing too many settings unless you are confident that you understand the implications of doing so.

Why is SALTS Not Working?

Many Kodi addons went down in early June 2017. SALTS, which has been popular for a long time, is one of the addons that not only stopped working but also disappeared from its original repository location. SALTS was then posted into a new repository and is now working again. However, if you downloaded it from the wrong repository, you may find a version that isn’t working at all. You are likely to get an error when trying to load streams. We do not currently know of any fixes for this problem, other than using the right installation method mentioned above.

Are There Any SALTS Alternatives?

There are several alternatives to SALTS that you might want to consider. These include:

  • Bubbles
  • Specto Fork
  • Elysium (formerly Zen)


Bubbles is a relatively new Kodi addon that focuses specifically on integrating with the paid streaming services RealDebrid, EasyNews (a Usenet service) and Premiumize (a torrent and Usenet service). You’ll find far more torrents on Bubbles than other types of streams, although you will find the same sort of real-time streaming sites available through Bubbles that also existed on SALTS.

Click here to access our Bubbles installation guide.

Specto Fork

Specto Fork is based on the Exodus addon architecture. With Exodus and SALTS currently down, many users are turning to Specto Fork for streaming. If you’ve used Exodus, you’ll find the layout to be extremely familiar.

Click here to access our Specto installation guide.


Formerly known as Zen, Elysium is a new Kodi addon that is designed to help users connect to a large number of online streams for TV and movies. You’ll find that Elysium offers a large number of menu options and settings. Its current popularity can be partly attributed to its design, as well as the large library of websites it references to scrape content from.

You can find installation information for both Specto Fork and Elysium in our Exodus Alternatives guide.

If you know of other alternatives we have not mentioned, please let us know in the comments below!