Install Kodi Matricom G Box Q2

If you’re looking to save a good bit of money while also finding a great Kodi TV box, you might want to consider the Matricom G-Box Q2. This popular streaming TV box is loaded with Android TV OS 5.X, comes with a powerful processor and a large memory capacity. Thankfully, it’s somewhat easy to install Kodi on Matricom G-Box Q2. However, as this device uses Google’s Android TV OS instead of a more common Android operating system, you won’t find Kodi directly in the Google Play Store. Instead, follow our step-by-step guide to get Kodi installed onto your G-Box.

Before we proceed

The Matricom G-Box Q2 does not come with Kodi installed, so you’ll need to load it onto the device yourself. However, even with the G-Box Q2, some Kodi users have received copyright infringement notifications when streaming through Kodi. Although this is not common, it does happen. As a result, it’s a good idea to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) while streaming through the device. Our personal choice for this is IPVanish.

IPVanish is a high-quality VPN service that ranks at the top of our personal VPN testing. The service is fast, maintains a large number of servers, and emphasizes privacy and anonymity.

How to Install Kodi on Matricom G-Box Q2

For starters, you will not find Kodi on the regular Android TV OS version of Google Play. This should not prevent you from installing Kodi, however.

All of the following steps can be done directly from your Matricom G-Box Q2. Make sure to follow the instructions step-by-step.

Part 1: Pre-Install Steps

  • From your Matricom G-Box Q2 home screen, go to the Google Play Store
  • Search for ES File Explorer

  • Install the ES File Explorer

You may need the ES File Explorer to launch and install Kodi onto your device.

  • Go to System Settings

  • Scroll down to Security
  • Find Unknown Sources. Click the checkbox to enable it

This will allow your G-Box Q2 to install APK files that are not located in the Google Play Store.

Part 2: Kodi Installation

  • From your G-Box Q2 home screen, click on your web browser (likely Chrome on an updated box)

  • In the address bar, type in
  • Scroll down until you find the download section

  • Under the Android section, click on ARM. This will download the latest version
  • You’ll get a screen that asks you which program you want to open Kodi with. You can either do ES File Explorer or Chrome if you have a newer version of the G-Box Q2 software. Either should automatically load the install screen once the download is complete

  • You may get a message that says that the application will harm your device. Ignore this and click to download anyway. (You’ll get this message with any app that’s not located in the Google Play Store)
  • After downloading, you may see a popup message that says “Parsing error”. This may occur if the file did not download completely or was corrupted. Try downloading the file again. If you see the message again, try installing anyway

  • If you have the ES File Explorer installed, it might load the install screen for the application automatically. However, you may be able to load the installation screen as well if you selected Chrome to open the file

  • Your Kodi may load automatically at this point. However, you should be able to find it alongside your other apps from your home screen

Matricom G-Box Q2 Overview

Thinking about possibly getting a Matricom G-Box Q2? We find it to be a quality IPTV box perfect for loading and running Kodi. In fact, we had a free giveaway of the device back when our site first started. Here’s the spec breakdown for the Matricom G-Box Q2, should you decide to go with this device.

Matricom G-Box Q2

Amazon rating: 3.8/5

Under the hood:

  • Quad Core S812 CPU
  • Mali-450 Octo Core 3D GPU Graphics Processor
  • Amlogic s812 Quad Core @ 2GHz
  • 2GB DDR3
  • 16GB Flash Storage
  • Full Android Lollipop 5.x
  • Two USB 2.0 ports
  • 10/100 Full Duplex
  • Broadcom 5G 802.11 Dual Band
  • Bluetooth V.4.0 Low Energy

The Matricom G-Box Q2 is also small at only 2.5cm long, 12.5cm wide, and 2.5cm high. When you purchase the device, you’ll also get an HDMI cable and an IR remote.

You can use the Matricom G-Box Q2 with a large number of Bluetooth-powered TV remotes. We suggest you check out our article on the best Kodi remotes and keyboards. The included IR remote for the Matricom G-Box Q2 is workable, but it’s not the best. You’ll find better functionality with a higher-quality remote, especially if it’s a remote and keyboard combo.

Most users who purchased this device had only good things to say about it. The majority (59%) gave the device a 5-star rating. However, a noticeably large number (18%) gave the device a solid 1-star rating. The majority of the 1-star ratings are from customers who complained that the box either stopped working after a time or simply did not work from the get-go. One reviewer also points out that the included remote does not work well (which, again, is why we encourage you to purchase a better remote if you do intend to use this device). Some other reviews that are more mediocre (2 and 3-star reviews) also make mention of the remote leaving a lot to be desired.

Positive reviews on the Matricom G-Box Q2 are mostly unhelpful, however, as most reviewers who left those reviews had little to say beyond “good”. Some, however, do note that the device is great for those looking to install Kodi and stream through the media player.

Why Isn’t Kodi on the TV OS Google Play Store?

If you’re wondering why Kodi isn’t on the Google Play Store, you’re probably not alone. While you can easily find Kodi available for most operating systems, and even on the Google Play Store for Android mobile devices, it’s ubiquitously absent on Android TV OS devices, and therefore on most Android-based TV boxes like the Matricom G-Box Q2.

The primary reason for this boils down to system architecture. For the most part, Kodi is not always specifically designed to work on Android TV boxes or TV boxes in general. While Android could list it, it avoids doing so for more innocuous reasons. To be clear, there are no legal reasons why Kodi is not available on Google Play for Matricom G-Box Q2 or other Android TV boxes. However, as you can see from our guide, Kodi should work just fine on your device after you go through the installation process.

Kodi TV Box Controversies

Kodi TV boxes have taken a lot of heat recently. Kodi itself has often landed in hot water due to the many third-party addons available for the program that provide gateways to illegal copyrighted streams.

Kodi is a free-to-use, open-source media center application that allows anyone to create and use what are known as “addons”. These addons are simply Python scripts that tell Kodi to perform different actions. The most popular addons are ones that allow users to stream content from different websites. This is accomplished by having those addons connect to the streaming links available on those websites, and have the video streams then rendered through Kodi’s user interface. Kodi has been used this way for over a decade.

Kodi and Kodi TV boxes are perfectly legal in most countries. In the United States, for example, there are no laws against using TV boxes with Kodi installed. This holds true for both Canada, the UK, and Australia, where Kodi is the most popular. However, some Kodi TV boxes have given the devices a bad name, leading to some actual prosecutions and an increasing amount of scrutiny, particularly in the UK.

The Trouble with Fully Loaded Boxes

As stated, selling a TV box that can use Kodi is legal, and using one is legal as well. However, in the UK it is illegal to sell a Kodi TV box that is both “jailbroken” comes pre-loaded with third-party addons that can be used for copyright infringement. While few people have been charged with a crime for doing this, authorities in the UK are increasingly cracking down on this practice. In January 2017, UK authorities raided and arrested 5 individuals accused of selling “fully loaded” Kodi boxes. These individuals were taking base TV boxes, loading Kodi and third-party addons onto the devices, and selling them to UK residents. According to the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), finding and removing these devices from online retailers, as well as arresting, fining and/or jailing those who sell them, is now a top priority.

As reported by Express, “[m]any shops sell Kodi-ready devices which are totally legal if used to stream free content or paid-for channels such as Netflix.” It is only when sellers modify the devices to add third-party addons that deliver copyrighted content that the sellers find themselves in trouble.

The consequences for those selling these modified boxes are not small, either. One man, Malcolm Hayes, was arrested for dealing in modified TV boxes. After his arrest, he was slapped with a fine of £250,000 ($305373.75 USD). This marks one of the largest fines ever related to Kodi or any product used to view Kodi and has sent noticeable shockwaves through the Kodi community. Some on the popular Kodi subreddit /r/Addons4Kodi also posted asking whether they might be in trouble for using certain Kodi addons.

To date, there are no known instances of UK residents being fined for using Kodi, or even for streaming through Kodi, even when using potentially questionable third-party addons. The UK government’s main focus at present is on those dealers who purchase, modify and sell fully loaded Kodi TV boxes that already contain these third-party addons. However, the government is positioning to make changes that will directly affect those who choose to stream copyrighted content through Kodi.

For some UK residents, accessing Premier League games is among the most popular reasons to use Kodi. However, the UK High Court recently passed an order which allows UK ISPs to block Premier League content directly at the source, blocking access to servers and stopping streams in real-time. Although ISPs have been apprehensive to agree to such blocks in the past, they did not put up a fight regarding this request, showing a turning tide that may see some Kodi users resorting to other sources for their favorite sports.

Current Kodi users, especially those who use Kodi for perfectly legitimate purposes, have nothing to worry about. And even those who use Kodi to stream content through third-party addons and use VPNs like IPVanish should not worry too much. However, those who are interested in purchasing a TV box, such as the Matricom G-Box Q2, should be wary about purchasing such boxes from third-party dealers, especially if those boxes are advertised as “fully loaded”. Many of these dealers are fly-by-night sellers who will sell broken products with broken versions of Kodi, and often load addons onto the device that doesn’t actually work.

The XBMC Foundation Is Fighting Back

The XBMC Foundation itself has published blog posts complaining about this practice. In one heavily commented-on post, Nathan Betzen, a lead figure at the XBMC Foundation, pointed out piracy box sellers and YouTube promoters specifically for ruining the popular media center’s reputation. “Team Kodi is officially tired of this,” wrote Betzen.

He later explained that the solution would be for the XBMC Foundation, which officially owns the Kodi trademark, to start exercising its trademark rights and issue takedowns for any piracy sellers promoting Kodi on their devices.

If you’re currently in the market for a fully-loaded Kodi TV box, instead consider purchasing one that does not come with Kodi or any addons already installed. The Matricom G-Box Q2 is just one such box, although there are also a number of others. Additionally, consider exploring the official addons listed in the Official Addon Repository before exploring third-party addons.