Install Cartoons8 Kodi

A special dedication to the children out there by us. In this Tutorial How to Install Cartoons8 Kodi, we will see how to install the Cartoons8 Kodi addon and also the special features included with this addon.

Kodi is a platform which is open-source in nature. With the word open-source, it means that the users of the Kodi can design their system functionalities. Add-ons like the Cartoons8 Kodi makes this customization possible for all.

Addon, on the other hand, is an integral part of Kodi. This feature helps in making the Kodi system more efficient one. These add-ons let the users play different kinds of content on the Kodi platform. Now let’s get started with the installation process of Cartoons8 Kodi Addon.

cartoons8 kodi banner

Install Cartoons8 Kodi

We saw the introduction of the Kodi system and the also on the addons used on this system. Addons, as mentioned before, is the most critical section while talking about Kodi. In this section, we will understand the Cartoons8 Kodi addon.

Talking about this addon, it is filled with children’s favorite content including TV shows and kid’s movies. This addon is found in the Metal Kettle Repo, and so if you have got the repo installed on your device then you can get the Cartoons8 Kodi addon easily from the video addons section.

The installation process for the Cartoons8 Kodi addon is provided below:

  1. Start the Kodi software.
  2. Choose the SYSTEM tab, and then click on the File Manager option in the sub-heading.
  3. Select the Add Source choice.
  4. Click the <None> tab.
  5. Then enter the web address and tap on the Done option.
  6. Below the same dialogue box you will find the tab for entering the media source name. Enter the name mkrepo and select the OK button.
  7. Go to the home page of the Kodi software.
  8. Choose the SYSTEM tab and then select the Settings in the sub-option.
  9. Select the install from zip file choice.
  10. The folder named mkrepo will be present in this section. Click on this option.
  11. Zip files will be shown here. Click on the zip file with the name and then proceed.
    metal kettle repo zip
  12. You need to wait for some time; then a Metal Kettle Repo enabled message will be displayed.
  13. Choose the Install from Repo option.
  14. Click on the MetalKettles Addon Repo option.
    metal addon repo
  15. Tap on the Video Add-ons choice.
    metal video addons
  16. Click on the Cartoons8 option that is displayed here.
    cartoons8 addon option
  17. Tap on the Install button.
    install cartoons8 option
  18. Again wait for the message saying that the addon is enabled on Kodi now.

We are done with the setting up of the Cartoons8 Kodi addon. It is all set to be used for you. The path for accessing the add-on installed is, go to the VIDEOS option, then choose the Add-ons. Within this, you will get the Cartoons8 option.

We believe that the article on Tutorial How to Install Cartoons8 Kodi provided you as the right guidance needed by you. If you find any difficulty, then share them with us by commenting below. For more updates on Kodi and add-ons, follow our page Tv Addons Guide!