Install Bob Unrestricted Kodi

If you’re coming to Kodi, there’s a good chance you’re looking for new TV and movie streaming sources. Among the many different Kodi addons that are available for streaming hit movies and TV shows, Bob Unrestricted is an excellent choice add to your library. Bob Unrestricted offers up a large library of full season TV shows as well as music videos and full-length HD movies. We consider this one second only to the ever-popular Exodus. This guide will explain how to install Bob on Kodi.

Below, we’ve laid out several methods to install Bob Unrestricted on Kodi. We also give you a very thorough walk through the different menus and subsections you’ll find in this addon, present some of its limitations, and direct you to additional Kodi addons that also serve as an excellent source for on-demand TV.

Update 6/22/2017: The Bob addon is back online! The developer, Noobsandnerds, also promised some interesting new additions for this addon in the future. Click here for more. 

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Before we Proceed

We highly recommend using a VPN when using Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various addons. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish - a complete privacy solution for Kodi users. It's also worth noting that purchasing a 12 month subscription will give you two months free.


How to Install Bob on Kodi

We’ve discovered two easy methods to install Bob on Kodi. The first method utilizes the SuperRepo super-repository. The second method involves directly downloading and installing the addon from the addon developers’ website and repository.

Method 1: SuperRepo

*Note: If you do not have SuperRepo installed, you will need to do so first. You can click here to access the SuperRepo website, where they provide a visual guide. However, their guide is still using Kodi Version 16 with the Confluence skin. If you’re unsure of what to do with the install for Version 17 or beyond, leave us a message below and we’ll walk you through it.

To install Bob Unrestricted on Kodi with SuperRepo, do the following:

  • Go to your Kodi home screen
  • Highlight Addons on the left side menu

  • At the top, go to My Addons
  • Click on the ellipses (…) at the top

  • Select Install from repository

  • Locate SuperRepo and click on it

  • Select Video Addons from the list
  • Scroll down and locate Bob, then click on it

  • Click on Install

  • After successful installation, you will now find Bob among your Kodi video addons

Method 2: Zip File Download

This method is slightly more complicated than Method 1 but does not require any special addons or other repositories.

To install Bob on Kodi using a zip file, do the following:

  • Click here to download the noobsandnerds repository zip file
  • Open Kodi
  • Highlight Addons on the left side menu
  • Click on My Addons at the top
  • Select Install from zip
  • Search through your files to locate the file you just downloaded ( Note that the repository may have been updated since we published this article. If the repository fails, let us know in the comments

  • Return to the My Addons page where you found Install from zip, then click on Install from repository
  • Locate the noobsandnerds repository and click on it

  • Find Video Addons and click on it
  • Click on Bob, and then click on Install
  • After installation, you will find Bob located among your other video addons

For this method, I also found that the most recent update to the noobsandnerds repository, version 1.7, does not work. If you downloaded the zip file, go back and install the version When testing, I found that the 1.7 version gave me an error message, while the 1.4 version of the repository loaded fine.

Bob Unrestricted Kodi Addon Feature Walkthrough

Bob is a fully-featured Kodi addon. When investigating this one, I found some fairly interesting additions, while noticing some areas that I think could stand for a bit of improvement. Overall, here’s how I’d rate this addon:


  • Extremely large and interesting TV section
  • Categories for everyone
  • Excellent music streaming options
  • “Boxed Sets” section is an excellent, unique addition that TV and movie addon devs should look to mimic


  • Menus tend to load slowly, even with a fast connection
  • Lacks categorization for the primary movies section
  • Somewhat lacking in live sports options

Bob uses a fairly simple layout but focuses on a very identifiable color scheme for everything. In the main menu, you’ll find all of the following options:

  • My Bob
  • New Releases
  • Amazing TV
  • TNPB Box Sets
  • Bob’s Kids
  • Music TV
  • Walk of Fame
  • Bob Sports
  • Blue’s Place
  • TNPB
  • Valhalla
  • Settings
  • Search

Some of these sections are pretty easy to figure out, while a few, such as TNPB and Valhalla, are not obvious from first look.

My Bob

The “My Bob” section is where you’ll find any shows or movies available in Bob that you’ve favorited. Most other addons will just call this the “Favorites” section.

New Releases

The New Releases section is where you’ll find Bob’s somewhat limited offering of on-demand movies. You’ll also find two interesting sections here: HD Releases and New Kids Movies. Together, these sections make up the bulk of the movie content you’ll find on Bob. Bob Unrestricted covers a lot of content areas, with movies being one of the smaller ones. You can use this section if you can’t find a movie you’re looking for elsewhere, but there are better movie streaming options on Kodi.

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Amazing TV

Bob’s real strength is its TV offerings. When you click here, you’ll find a further breakdown of several different options:

  • Blue’s TV Series
  • Bob’s Sitcoms
  • DaB’s Real TV
  • Deezel’s Crime TV
  • Tiny Tikes’s TV Shows

“What’s with all those weird names,” you ask? Those are the developers, putting in their favorite sections. These are all pretty self-explanatory, except for Blue’s TV Series. Under Blue’s TV Series, you’ll find an array of different TV options. There were 270 different series listed here when we tested. There’s a good amount of science fiction, although dramas and sitcoms make a fair showing in this section as well.

TNPB TV is the other TV-related section without an obvious title indicating its content. Under TNPB, you’ll find four more subsections:

  • IMDB 250 TV
  • Best of British
  • Heroes TV
  • Retro TV

Each of these is fairly straightforward as to the content. IMDB 250 TV holds streams for the top 250 TV shows on IMDB, while the others have content for exactly what the title suggest: British shows, superhero shows, and old TV shows.

Overall, Bob’s TV section is one of the best on-demand TV offerings available on Kodi and well worth the exploration. However, expect a bit of crossover in content between the different TV sections. For example, you’ll find plenty of superhero shows in the Blue’s TV Series section as well as the Heroes TV section under TNPB TV. Still, the TV shows are fairly well categorized here.

TNPB Box Sets

The TNPB Boxsets is one one of the more unique options offered by the Bob Kodi addon. Here you’ll literally find “box sets” for popular movie series. There are over 258 box sets listed here, so it’s well worth exploring. The idea of putting together certain movie series together in “box set” menus is a fairly genius idea. No other addon I’ve encountered offers this kind of categorization method. If you’re going for a movie marathon, this is going to be your go-to Kodi addon.

Bob’s Kids

The “Bob’s Kids” section is exactly what it sounds like. Here you will find menus that lead to streams for kid-friendly content. The Bob’s Kids section is broken up into several different sub sections:

  • Kid’s New Releases
  • Blue’s Kids
  • Retro Toons
  • TNPB’s Kids
  • Valhalla’s Kids
  • Tiny Tikes

The Kid’s New Releases section is where you’ll head to if you’re hoping to find some new release kids movies. What’s considered “new release” expires after a time, so you aren’t going to find anything beyond the previous year here. You may also not find every possible new release for kids either. Still, when I checked, there were over 30 different titles listed.

The other kids sections are more specific either to the developer’s interests, or to the specific focus from the menu title. For example, Blue’s Kids has some interesting picks, including a subsection just for Studio Ghibli films. If your kid is a budding anime fan, or you’re hoping to ease him or her into anime fandom, Studio Ghibli is where you’ll likely want to start. That said, this is the first addon I’ve found that actually provides a section just for Studio Ghibli.

The other developers have a wide range of options to choose from in their self-selected menus, while the Retro Toons section really does fit the name. If you’re a 90s or 80s kid, you’ll see a lot of familiar favorites here. The section is somewhat lacking, however.

Music TV

The Music TV section is interesting for two reasons. First, there are no US music TV channels here. That means no MTV and no VH1. There is, however, a good selection of music television stations from across the globe. If you’re into music TV options from outside the US or hoping to explore those options a bit, the Music TV section will almost certainly whet your whistle.

Walk of Fame

The “Walk of Fame” section is exactly what it sounds like: a menu option for finding films featuring your favorite actors and actresses. The section is split into two distinct categories: actors and actresses. From there, you have the lists of stars given in alphabetical order. Clicking any of their names will bring up a list of movies starring those actors or actresses. It’s an interesting way of categorizing that is unique to Bob. To give the section more character, the developers even put a picture with each name.

Bob Sports

Bob Sports is where you’ll go if you’re looking for three things: live sports, sports replays, and (oddly enough) classic replays of boxing matches.

The live sports section doesn’t quite match some of the other quality live sports options we’ve tested, such as BBC iPlayer or the cCloud TV. Bob’s live sports is a bit singularly focused on hockey, baseball, and boxing. For the most part, unless you’re really into those three sports, Bob isn’t going to be your go-to option. In fact, you might want just to ignore the Bob Sports section altogether, as it’s lacking in what it does have for those options.

Blue’s Place

Blue’s place is a bit eclectic. If you’re looking for a very female-centric location on Bob, this is your place. Blue’s Place is a collection of what “Blue” is interested in. This includes a dose of female actresses, “Actress of the Month,” kids shows, and anime. There’s nothing here that you won’t find in other sections. What Blue’s Place is really doing is just reposting of some of the submenus you’ll find in other parts of Bob. The only real difference, perhaps, is the inclusion of a fitness-focused selection of streams, and one just for “ladies lifestyle.”


You may not want to spend too much time here. There are only two submenus, one for 4K samples, and another for music. The music section does have some interesting options in it, including online radio streaming. However, there’s not a compelling enough reason to go to this section, especially given most users are using Bob for TV and movies, not for a random assortment of music options.


The Valhalla section on Bob is a great place to turn if you enjoy movies. Here you’ll find all of the following:

  • Hot Movies
  • IMDB Top 1000
  • Best Movies of 2017
  • Best Movies of 2016
  • Best Movies of 2015
  • Actors
  • Anthology
  • Horror
  • DC vs Marvel
  • Crime
  • Danish Collection
  • Kids & Animation
  • Dog’s Place
  • Stoner’s Place
  • Gamer’s Place

There is a lot of crossover in the Valhalla menu from other parts of Bob. Nevertheless, you’ll find some categorizations that might interest you if you have particular movie interests that aren’t easily identified elsewhere. For example, the Crime and DC vs Marvel sections are especially useful, while the Gamer’s Place is unique and is not located anywhere else on Bob.


If you’re looking to make your Bob streaming experience a bit better, you might want to dig into the settings a bit. The settings in Bob allow you to alter how the addon pulls streams from its sources, including connecting to a RealDebrid account, if you have one.