Install 1channel Kodi Addon

Looking to add a few a new tv/movie addon to your Kodi repertoire? 1Channel from tknorris is an excellent choice to install on Kodi. 1Channel offers a wide variety of TV shows and movies both new and old, all while delivering a high-quality viewing experience with fast-loading, consistent streams. Below you’ll find a detailed guide for how to install 1Channel Kodi addon, as well as what you can expect when using it to stream through Kodi.


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How to Install 1Channel Kodi Addon

For a quick installation, do the following:

  • Go to Programs

  • Click on Addon Installer

  • Click on Search

  • Type in 1Channel
  • Click on the 1Channel icon and then Install

  • You can find your addon under Videos > Add-ons

*This installation process only works if you have the Fusion Addon Installer already installed on Kodi.

For an old-school installation process, do the following:

  • Click on Add-ons

  • Click on Install from zip

  • Locate the file (the “x’s” can be any number) on your file system. Click to install

  • Return to your System > Settings > Addons screen
  • Click on Install from repository

  • Locate and click on tknorris Release Repository
  • Click on Video add-ons
  • Click on and install 1Channel

  • You can not find 1Channel from your Kodi home screen under Videos > Add-ons

1Channel Benefits and Limitations

1Channel is a suitable addon for those that want TV shows and videos from a wide variety of sources. This focuses primarily on those two forms of entertainment media, so the addon does not get bogged down with a lot of extras. Similar in some ways to other TV and movie addons like SALTS and Exodus, 1Channel actually has slightly fewer options than bigger and more popular addons.

Inside, you’ll find the two primary categories: Movies and TV shows. In both, you have a number of different methods to browse for titles. In the movies section, you can browse through:

  • A-Z
  • Search
  • Favorites
  • Genres
  • Featured
  • Most popular
  • Highly rated
  • Date released
  • Date added

You can additionally search two different ways: by movie description and an advanced search that allows you to search by title, tag, actor, director, country, genre, month, year or decade.

The TV Shows section has an almost identical set of browsing categories, with the only real change the addition of a “subscriptions” section. Both the TV and Movie show sections have a large number of US, UK and some international titles.

The biggest limitation you’ll find with this addon might be a big one for some people. As large as the library is, it lacks some things common on other, similar addons. That includes

  • The ability to search for TV shows by network
  • Many popular, new movies and television shows

Those two downsides may make this addon less desirable for a lot of users looking for the newest content. That said, there are still a good amount of movies and TV shows on 1Channel that. Gaining access and streaming through the addon is also easy, as it uses a URL resolver to pinpoint working streams, and integrates universal URL resolvers like RealDebrid and AllDebrid, among several others.

Overall, 1Channel is a good addon with a lot to offer. It’s a good alternative to more popular addons of a similar purpose, particularly as a backup.