Best Netflix TV Series 2017

Ever since online streaming services emerged into the horizon, the ways people grasp new entertainment avenues has changed drastically. There is no denying Netflix has paved way towards this change in a major way. What started as a DVD rental service has metamorphosed into a very popular online streaming service. In its huge and ever growing database, you can find the popular and classic TV series and movies. Netflix fans are eagerly waiting for some of the shows that the American streaming giant will unveil in 2017. Here’s our list of the top 10 Netflix original shows in 2017.

Best Netflix Originals for 2017

Top 10 Netflix Original Shows in 2017

Top 10 Netflix Original Shows in 2017

We have listed our top awaited Netflix shows for 2017 below.

Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek - Discovery

Star Trek – Discovery

"This is not exactly a Netflix Original since it’s a production by CBS Studios. However, for sci-fi lovers the return of a legendary series like Star Trek to the small screen is important. Right now, we’re in the dark as to what the upcoming Star Trek series will stay true to its root, or whether there will be a new spin. It will surely have a new ship along with new crew members. The actors like Sonequa Martin-Green of The Walking Dead fame (hopefully she has her head on straight which was not the case in one episode in that show!) would be there. Netflix will most likely release Star Trek: Discovery in May, 2017.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

"Lemony Snicket’s book based A Series of Unfortunate Events has been adapted several times, including a 2004 movie adaptation. We’re very keen to see how Netflix deals with it. The director here is Barry Sonnenfeld, of Men in Black fame. Excitement has shot up since Neil Patrick Harris is playing the role of Count Olad, a dark character.

House of Cards – Season 5

"This has been a very popular series since the inception. Luckily, the fears of the show being short terminated are not true! This riveting political drama lets you get a glimpse at the underbelly of US politics and the truth about the Clintons. Rumors indicate that there could be some surprises. This is one of the best shows this century. House of Cards returns to Netflix on May 30th, 2017.

Marvel’s Iron Fist

"Netflix is readying a number of Marvel shows for 2017. Finn Jones is playing Danny Rand a rich brat returning to NYC after a 15 year gap to reclaim the company of his parents. He learnt Kung Fu in a Buddhist monastery in these years. Iron first will make its debut on March 17th, 2017. Hopefully there is not any whiny, pathetic characters who are anti-justice like there was in Daredevil (see Daredevil’s friend and law partner!).


This is going to be one of the most interesting Netflix shows of 2017. Shot in the exotic locales of South Korea it features stars like Jake Gyllenhaal and Tilda Swinton. At the moment, we don’t know much about what is in store for the viewers, but it is likely to be interesting given the stellar crew. The plot is based on human animal relationship. South Korea is amazing, hopefully they show a Paris Baguette which has the best muffins ever!

Marvel’s The Punisher

Marvel's The Punisher

Marvel’s The Punisher

Marvel’s fan base is huge worldwide and a lot of Netflix subscribers are among them. So, The Punisher is going to be a show worth watching on Netflix this year. John Bernthal is a major attraction of this show. The vigilante hero of Marvel universe has made three big screen appearances in the past, but this time he is appearing on the small screen. And he was in Sicario which was incredible!


Duncan Jones made an independent sci-fi movie named Moon in 2009 before directing Warcraft. Mute is kind of a sequel to that flick. It stars Paul Rudd and Alexander Skarsgård. It is set on earth 40 years from the present time. Paul Rudd plays the role of a surgeon in it.

Marvel’s The Defenders

"Marvel has no dearth of superheroes, even for the small screen. You may have enjoyed watching The Avengers rescuing earth from massive evil forces. The Defenders is Marvel’s steam of rescuers meant for the small screen. You get Daredevil, Iron Fist, and some others plating the superhero saviors. Here characters are better sketched than their large screen counterparts.

They perhaps just defend New York, not so much the world as does The Avengers.

El Chapo

El Chapo

El Chapo

If you liked Narcos, you will love El Chapo. The new TV series is based, as the title suggests, on the life story of the infamous Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzmánis. The upcoming new drama series, El Chapo, is a collaboration between Netflix and Univison . It will become available on Netflix USA straight after UniMas begins broadcasting it in 2017.

Master of None – Season 2

Master of None - Season 2

Master of None – Season 2

Aziz Ansari’s much cherished Netflix project charmed viewers when it was unveiled in late 2015. Comedy fans have been calling for a second season for quite some time. It would be outstanding fun watching Dev, the protagonist coping with life in NYC.

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Best Netflix Originals in 2017 – Honorable Mentions

The following Netflix titles are all worth a mention too.

  • Anne
  • Bill Nye Saves the World
  • Gypsy
  • Mind Hunter
  • Dear White People
  • Girlboss
  • 14 Reasons Why
  • Julie’s Greenroom

Top 10 Netflix Original Shows in 2017 – The Wrap Up

Netflix is focusing more thane ever on their own TV productions. This resulted in a wide range of shows that pleases almost every taste. From comedy to political drama and sci-fi thrillers, there is something for literally every genre. You can choose what shows to watch from the bunch as Netflix begins to announce the start dates for these shows, making things easier for fans. What do you think of our top 10 Netflix Original Shows in 2017? Do you think we missed out on a particular series? Let us know by leaving a comment below.