Best Music Apps Free

What are the best free apps for music streaming? Nowadays, Smartphones are being used by people as versatile devices and making and receiving calls is no longer the primary motive for buying these types of gadgets! People use their mobile phones for doubling up as a dependable camera, movie and music player, alarm clock and video chat device. Audiophiles no longer need to buy or use dedicated music player devices when smartphones have become so feature rich. Why not just have one device? Well, music storage players are not that expensive but to each their own!

Best Free Music Apps

Best Free Apps for Music Streaming

"With the emergence of several feature rich music streaming apps, you do not even need to store all your favorite tracks in the storage slot of your phone. With the spreading of LTE and advanced networks, ensure stutter free music streaming which has fueled the trend. With that in mind, what are the best free music streaming apps for iPhones, iPads, and Android? We’ve prepared the list below which includes our favorite music apps. Keep in mind that the apps below might not be available outside USA. You can bypass these regional restrictions using VPN, however.

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Best Free Apps for Music Streaming

There are several Smartphone compatible music streaming apps you can use for your needs. The below listed are the top ones:

Spotify Music

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular and widely used music streaming apps on smartphones. You can stream music for free using this wonderful app. It integrates well with your existing music library. You can also share music with buddies using the service. You may also post songs catching your fancy on social media sites like Facebook from it. Ice Cube, 50 Cent, Tim McGraw, Shania Twain, TI, are all fair game.

Spotify also makes it simple to create playlists and listen to specific albums without missing a single track. Spotify also supports Chromecast. To evade ads, you may press the button for the paid version costing $9.99 a month. You may even go for the family account, which accommodates 6 members for $14.99.

Google Play Music

This app is installed by default on Android Smartphones and it also enjoys outstanding popularity. You can find and listen to your favorite music tracks by streaming on this free app. Of course, it lets you play tracks stored in your device. There is a premium Google Play Music service which lets users enjoy unlimited radio listening and access millions of songs. It is also outstanding for those who like podcasts. It is possible to share podcasts you like with friends using it.

YouTube Music

YouTube is almost synonymous with watching videos online, but now it has come up with a dedicated music streaming app. It has an enormous database of songs. You can use Youtube Music to listen to the songs for free, but there are ads. Of course, you can press the button for the paid version which costs $9.99 per month. It also lets you save the tracks offline for playback later. New users can enjoy 2 week trial of the paid service for free.

Pandora Internet radio

Pandora is a popular personalized radio station for streaming music free on smartphones. It is among the pioneers in this sector. Finding your favorite track is very simple in it. Its user friendliness is amazing and in no time you will embrace it as your default music streaming service. Pandora radio is wonderful when you want music streaming service on a tight budget. The free version does have a few limitations. The judicious aspect is it lets you make your personalized stations.

TuneIn Radio

This free streaming app has more than 70,000 stations. Can you ever exhaust 2 million programs! TuneIn allows you to hear songs and also enjoy live sports broadcasts and turn it off when the Patriots are cheating, the Yankees are buying championships, or the NBA is favoring the Lakers but that is another topic. Searching by songs and artists is easy and you can flip the switch for the pro version which has more features.

Apple Music

The name makes you think its exclusive to Apple device users, but that is not the case. Android users can use the Apple Music streaming service too! Its music database is impressive and personal playlist building in it is fun. Of course, there are plenty of per made playlists.

It requires you to pay a monthly subscription. Despite being a newcomer in this segment, it enjoys a subscriber base of 13 million. A sunny thought is you can try it for free for a 3 month period. The UI, however can do with some sprucing up.

Best Free Music Apps – Conclusion

As you can see, there is no shortage of choices for enjoying your favorite songs and artists on smartphones. There are several apps that come with both free and paid versions. You can also enjoy all features for free for a time before making up your mind. So, you can compare the features and see which one is best suited for your music enjoyment needs. If you have tried any of music apps we suggested above, please share your experience. Likewise, if you know of any free streaming app that we have not listed, post your suggestion below.