Best Kodi Repositories

UPDATE: For the latest Kodi build news, check out our June 2017 Best Kodi Builds Roundup.

If you’re only using Kodi’s built-in repository, you’re definitely missing out.  The small catalogue of official addons that comes with the basic version of Kodi only gives you the option to install Kodi’s most quintessential addons.

If you want to get the most out of Kodi, you should install at least a few popular 3rd party extensions.  Read on to find out where to go to get access to all the best Kodi repositories.


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What is a Kodi repository and what’s it for?

Kodi repositories serve two major functions.  Primarily, developers use repos to simplify the addon installation process.  Once you install a repo, installing one of its addons is a simple matter of clicking the “install” button.

In addition to serving as convenient containers for addon installation files, repos are also used to distribute addon upgrades and updates.  If you have the repo that goes with an addon, Kodi will download and install the new version of that addon as soon as it becomes available.

Two ways to install a Kodi repository

The first installation method listed below is the best choice for 90 percent of all Kodi users.  But if you can’t download the repository zip file to storage because you’re using Kodi on an Amazon Fire TV stick or Kodi for Raspberry Pi, read installation method #2 to learn how to set up an external file source and then install the repository remotely from within the Kodi interface.

Kodi repository installation method #1

If you’re using Kodi with a computer or smartphone, the quickest and easiest way to install a Kodi repository is to begin by saving the repository zip file to your desktop.  Once you have the repo file, navigate to system → settings → addons → install from zip → desktop from Kodi’s main menu to finish the installation.

A screenshot of Kodi’s “install from zip” menu page

You’ll know the repository installation is complete when you see a popup appear on the lower right side of the screen.  After you see the popup, you can browse the repository by navigating to system → settings → addons → install from repository.

Kodi repository installation method #2

Another way to install a Kodi repository is to first set up a file source in Kodi’s file manager by going to system → file manager → add source.  

Here’s what your screen should look like when you reach the add source screen.

A screenshot of Kodi’s “Add files source” menu page

Double click where it says <none> to enter in the URL where the repository file is located.  Next, name the file source by clicking the box underneath where it says enter a name for this media source.

After you’ve set up the file source, you can install the zip file remotely by system → settings → addons → install from zip → [your media source name] 

The 6 best Kodi repositories

The 6 repos listed below are our favorite free 3rd party Kodi repositories.  Install them all and you’ll have access to some of the most innovative addons the Kodi community has to offer.

Do you know of a good quality Kodi repository that we didn’t mention?  If so, drop us a line in a comments section and we’ll add it to the list.

1.  Ares Repository

The Ares Project community is a large, loosely organized group of Kodi developers that regularly release Kodi addons and builds.

Only official Ares Project addons carry the Ares logo.  However, some of the Ares Project’s community addons are worth checking out as well.

In my opinion, the Apollo build and Apollo Wizard are two of the best pieces of software available for Kodi– and both can be found in the Ares Repository.

Ares Repository file location:

2.  The Noobs and Nerds Repo

If you like to watch live sports on Kodi, Noobs and Nerds is a must-have repo.  The Noobs and Nerds developr group has taken it upon themselves to provide regular updates for one of the most popular sports addons in the Kodi universe: SportsDevil.

When SportsDevil first came out, it didn’t have an official repository.  Originally, it was just another “standalone” sports addon.  Because nobody updated it, large sections of SportsDevil quickly became obsolete and stopped working.

But now that the Noobs and Nerds team is supporting SportsDevil, everyone who has both the SportsDevil addon and the Noobs and Nerds repo can now enjoy updated links and fresh sports content.

The newly revamped MetalliQ, the video addon Zen and the exciting new multimedia addon called Bob are also available on this repo.

Noobs and Nerds Repo file location:

3.  Torrent Streaming Repo

Note: Using a torrent streaming addon on the public internet may get you sued if you live in the United States or any other country that has strict copyright infringement laws.  To avoid getting labeled as a pirate, we recommend that you log on to a private network that’s designed for torrenters.  Here at addonHQ, we log on to IPVanish to stay anonymous online before we use any 3rd party Kodi addon.

P2P addons are rare and hard to find, but the Torrent Streaming Repo brings all the best and most popular ones together in one central location.

If you’re a torrenter who uses Kodi, you’ll probably enjoy the streaming addons you’ll find in this repo.  P2P Kodi addons allow you to watch torrent video files before they are finished downloading.

Of course, remember to be careful when you download torrent files to your computer or device.  Not all torrent files are what they claim to be.  Some contain malicious code and viruses.

Also, be sure to do your homework before you use any P2P addons for Kodi.  As mentioned above, P2P software is illegal in some countries.

Torrent Streaming Repo location:

4.  XunityTalk Repository

The developers that run XunityTalk claim that their repository has the best 3rd party addons for Kodi.

This repository’s list of video software isn’t quite as large as I expected it to be.  However, the list does contain a few very good addons.

For example, iStream is one of the most reliable movie/TV show content scrapers there is.  When I recently used iStream to pull up the first episode of Westworld, it presented me with hundreds of links to different sites with free streams.

Also, Bobby’s Cartoons is a very solid addon and is worth a download if you have kids that like to watch classic animated TV shows like The Smurfs, The Ninja Turtles, etc.

XunityTalk Repository location:

5.  SuperRepo

No list of Kodi repos would be complete without SuperRepo– the Galacticus of Kodi repos.  The SuperRepo catalogue has an absolutely ginormous collection of 3rd party addons for Kodi.

Apparently, there are so many addons in this huge repository that the administrators of SuperRepo had to divide their catalogue into several different sub-repositories.  In order to browse SuperRepo’s addons, you have to install the specific addon sub-category that you want to look at after you install the main repo.

SuperRepo’s list of sub-repositories

For example, if you want to check out SuperRepo’s video addons, you have double click SuperRepo Category Video [Jarvis][v7] and then select install.  

Lots of hidden gems can found in SuperRepo’s video addons sub-repo.  Dknight’s DramaGo, for example, is probably the best addon for Asian drama out there right now.

Many of the addons you’ll find in SuperRepo were crafted by solitary developers that were either unwilling or unable to launch a website to promote their Kodi project.  As a result, SuperRepo contains a lot of specialized addons built to appeal to niche groups of Kodi users.

SuperRepo location:


The repository has one of the oldest and most well-known 3rd party addons for Kodi: Phoenix.  Phoenix is always going through updates and changes, so be sure to get this repo if you plan on using it.

Also, hosts the only fully licensed TV streaming addon that I know of: USTVNow.  Because USTVNow’s streams are 100 percent legit, they never break or trigger errors.

Note: Some people have reported that USTVNow Plus only works if you live outside of North America.  However, you can easily get around any type of geo-block by using a VPN service.  If you have trouble using USTVNow, we recommend that you sign up for a free trial of IPVanish.

In addition to its popular fare, also has some pretty good niche humor addons.  Bad Lip Reading, Mr. Bean, Funny or Die and Daily Seinfeld are all good addons to have available when you’re in need of a laugh. location: