Best Kodi Addons 2017

Everyone has their favorite addon and everyone knows that some addons are simply superior to others. We’ve put together a list of the best addons for Kodi, compiled based on our personal research into the most popular and some less well-known addons. We cover three main categories of addons: best overall, best for streaming live TV, and of course, best for streaming sports.

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What’s considered the “best” is always a subjective and touchy subject. We tried to keep things as objective as possible by turning to sources outside of our own favorites, “outsourcing”, you might say, our research. In this case, we turned to several community boards to determine which addons people talked about the most, as well as looking at several factors that come into play when determining which addons are the “best”, including:

  • Infrequency of dead links
  • Organization and layout of the addon
  • Popularity
  • Addon features
  • Best in show by subclass

Looking at different areas allowed us to be as fair as possible. But don’t worry. We know there will be a few complaints, and we’re more than happy to hear them and make any additions and/or subtractions as needed. Just shoot us a message and let us know which addons should be added to this list (or completely stricken from the record) and why. We’ll test the addon if we’ve never heard of it, or give it ample consideration if it’s one we all know well and love.

Best Addons Overall

A selection of well-known movie and TV show addons make up our short list of the Best Addons Overall. You probably won’t be surprised by what you see here if you’ve been using Kodi for a while. For all newcomers, these are the addons you’ll want to get. Streaming video and TV show addons are probably a dime a dozen, but these addons are the ones that simply work the best and offer the best menu layouts and features.


Provides: Movie and television streams (no live streams)

Installation Guide

There would probably be a riot if Exodus was not on this list, and for good reason. Exodus is one of the best streaming addons around. Exodus is one of those addons that thankfully does not try to be everything to everyone, and instead focuses only one on thing and doing that thing very, very well. Now in version 2.0.12, Exodus has been around for a few years did not take long to emerge as one of the best addons for movie and television streaming. There are several reasons why Exodus sits at the top of the list for not just us, but most people’s rankings for best addons for Kodi.

First is just how well this addon works. It’s uncommon to find links that don’t work on this addon, largely due to the design of the scraper and the attention it gets as well. Exodus is also extremely well designed in layout and functionality. The menu makes sense and is without complication. For some reason, many addons simply have menus that are either messy are not designed logically. Not so with Exodus. You can easily find what you’re looking for through the search tool, or find new titles by browsing the separate menu options.

The addon is also highly customizable in the settings, giving you the option to only scrape from certain providers, or any and all sites that Exodus has listed. You can also connect the addon to various website accounts, such as Trakt, IMDb, RealDebrid and AllDebrid. You can also choose the maximum or minimum quality of the streams, going up to 1080p. Furthermore, Exodus can connect to a few movie channels, although this function is a bit limited. Most of the options are SKY movie channels. Nevertheless, you have a fair amount of variety on that end as well.

All told, Exodus looks great, works excellently, has a nice suite of features, and gives you access to movies and shows that you might otherwise not be able to access, and in typically great streaming quality. For Exodus, it’s a simple “no fuss, no muss” type of addon for movies and television shows new and old.


Provides: Movie and television show streams (no live streaming)

Installation Guide

Don’t let the placement of SALTS beneath Exodus fool you. Both of these addons are extremely high quality, and most everyone who has Exodus also has SALTS installed on their system. SALTS, which is an acronym for Stream All The Sources, indeed lets you do just that. Where Exodus has a bit of a wider suite of features, SALTS is extremely pared down, zeroing in even more than Exodus on providing access to high-quality movies and television shows.

SALTS is a community favorite for some of the same reasons as Exodus. It works extremely well, with hardly a title that doesn’t offer up at least some working links. Like Exodus, SALTS utilizes a rather excellent URL resolver that cycles through a host of different websites to find working streams for the movies or TV shows you’re looking to watch. You can set the resolver settings. And, like Exodus, SALTS also can integrate with different URL resolvers (which generally require a separate account and login) that can do the job just as well as, or better than the program’s built-in resolver. There’s a significant amount of options in the settings, making SALTS one of the best options for those who know their way around Kodi and addons in general. However, SALTS is also an excellent addon for newcomers who don’t know much about how addons work and who would rather just use one that works well out of the box, so to speak.

Both Exodus and SALTS scrape metadata from different websites, which helps give these addons a lot more use. Specific information for the movies and shows you’re watching show up through the addon. This is great for those who are simply browsing for new movies or shows to watch.

SALTS is particularly useful in the excellent submenus it offers. For example, the “TV Shows” section offers submenus for shows that are trending, popular, anticipated, or recently updated. There’s also a list of IMDb’s highest rated TV series and a full genre breakdown, from action and fantasy to home and garden. And, as is necessary, the addon includes a helpful search function for those who know exactly what they’re looking for.


Provides: Movie and television show streaming (no live streams)

Repository Link

Although Specto is a fork of the much older and highly respected Genesis addon, we include it on this list because, like Exodus and SALTS, it works well and just feels great to use. That said, there’s not much to say about it other than many choose to use this alongside or as an alternative to Exodus. It does offer the option to save movies and films to your own library without Trakt integration. Nevertheless, this is not a huge extra benefit, so many people stick to Specto or Exodus for various personal reasons.


Provides: Live streaming TV, live sports and movie streams.

Installation Guide

ZemTV has its ups and downs as an addon. The layout for this addon is unfortunately messy. Lists are painfully unorganized, and finding something specific can be a chore. However, ZemTV works extremely well. Although this addon focuses more specifically on Indian and Pakistani content, there are a large number of movies and live TV streams that span US and UK content. That includes sports channels such as BT Sport, Sky Sports.

ZemTV makes our list for best addons for Kodi for the sole reason that it has a lot of working streams. You’re just going to have to put in a lot of legwork to find the working ones, and add the ones that do work to your favorites.


Provides: Movie and TV streams

Repository Link

Consider 1Channel an excellent alternative to the better movie streaming addons. 1Channel gets mostly ignored, but it should receive a bit more recognition from the community than it currently receives. The addon is extremely well organized and provides a significant amount of variability in what you can do with it. For the most part, everything you can find and do on the top addons SALTS and Exodus, you can do on 1Channel.

This addon includes the option to set playlists and access public playlists, identify favorites, and has rather complete lists for both new and old movies. It also includes a simple and a more advanced search feature for those who know exactly what they’re looking for.

Best Live TV Streaming Addons

While it’s actually pretty easy to find functional movie and TV addons, even if they aren’t very nicely designed, live TV is a very mixed bag on Kodi. Live streams work great — except for when they don’t. Few Kodi addons are capable of keeping all of their live streams up and active all the time. With that in mind, the following addons are ones we’ve tested ourselves and come back to again and again for their consistency and the fact that they generally work more often than not.

cCloud TV

Provides: Live TV and movie streaming.

Repository Link

It’s unfortunate that cCloudTV gets so mentioned so infrequently. This addon provides an excellent service, and the developer does a good amount for his addon. Indeed, this is one of the few addons that includes a specific “announcements” section, helping keep users from sitting around in the dark when things don’t work as advertised.

cCloud TV has a great design with a lot to offer. There’s a very handy TV Guide integration with two TV Guide services: Renegades TV Guide and IVue TV Guide. You’ll need accounts for either of these services to get them to work on the addon. That said, you can easily find live TV stations without the TV guide, most of which work well without much buffer, and in good quality. It’s clear the developer for this addon takes a lot of pride in his work, and it shows through as the addon is one of the best live TV addons currently available on Kodi. And if live TV just isn’t good enough for you, cCloud TV covers other areas popular on Kodi, including on-demand movies and music.


Provides: Live TV, movies and TV streams

Installation Guide:

Repository Link:

Phoenix has created a nice niche for itself as one of the older and still-working addons for Kodi. This addon had a recent face lift, so you’ll find that things are running mostly smoothly, in so far as Kodi addons can go. Phoenix is one of those addons that tries to do a lot of everything, and only slipping on that end in a few, minor areas. You can find live streaming TV here (for which we put it on the list for this section), but also streaming movies and pre-recorded TV shows.

The biggest difficulty one might find with Phoenix is that the menu is not as intuitive or easy to navigate as with many other addons. Similarly, beyond the more obvious “Phoenix TV” and “Phoenix Sports” sections, many of the menu areas are a bit less obvious or what they carry. Chance are, you’ll spend a good amount of time poking around this addon to see what it has available. You’ll find some interesting and unique nuggets doing that, such as a healthy dose of live French television channels, or a section specifically for all sorts of other international channels.


Provides: Live TV, movies and TV show streams

Installation Guide

VIDTime gets a lot of love in the Kodi community, so it’s no real surprise that it’s on this list somewhere. This addon has its failings, but those are more along the line of other, similar addons. For example, many of the live channels for sports just don’t work, but this is typically true of the same channels that generally don’t work on most addons (examples: ESPN and NBC Sports Network). There are a whole host of other features on this addon that make it valuable, including movie and TV show streams. However, the addon has a long, long list of live TV channels, most of which pull up good quality streams. This includes many US and UK channels.

VIDTime is a good option for most sports, which makes it a good addition for the list below. We left it off the Best Sports Addons section for the sole reason that it’s not the best place for video replays and live sports, whereas other addons fill that niche quite nicely.

Channel PEAR

Provides: Live TV

Repository Link

Channel PEAR has an incredibly long list of channels. Although not all of them work, that’s not uncommon with pretty much any addon. Nonetheless, Channel PEAR’s list of streams makes it one of the best options for live TV streaming. This addon is about as simple as they come as well. No complex menus here, just a very long, albeit unorganized list of channels. For US viewers, one of the real benefits here is that many of the channels are local stations for over-the-air networks.

Best Sports Addon

Outside of movies and TV shows, sports are probably a close second for reasons many users turn to Kodi. As Kodi helps open up access to different streams from different countries, this means sports fans can find a lot of value. Sports addons seem to be the most likely to run into functionality issues, so which addon fits within the category as “best” here can change pretty quickly. Many Kodi users actually choose to turn to paid services. Nonetheless, some sports addons can be counted on for some things.

Pro Sport

Provides: Live sports streams and sports replays and highlights

Repository Link

Pro Sport is one of the best, newer sport addons around. This addon only carries American sports, so it may not be the best option for international soccer fans. Nevertheless, anyone who wants to watch NBA, NHL, NFL or MLB games should turn to this addon first, for two solid reasons.

First, this addon carries a tremendous amount of sports replays. All of the sports carried by Pro Sport have functioning, high-quality replays. All replays are current to the season, so if you’re looking for games from, say, last year, you’re out of luck. That said, they’ll list games for any current season all the way back to the first week. Don’t be surprised if some sports are harder to find games for than others, even then. The addon may list NFL games, but they may not have any streams available for them, for example. This is just a common issue among all sports addons.

The second, excellent aspects to Pro Sport is the live streams. Each of the sports that Pro Sport carries provide up-to-date schedules for upcoming games. You can find working live streams for those games. Pro Sport is in fact one of the best addons for live streaming American sports, with the exception of soccer, a sport the addon does not carry.

Sports Addons We (Really) Wanted to Add


Provides: Live sports and television streams, sports replays and torrents

Installation Guide

Castaway, oh Castaway. Not too long ago, this addon was the boss. But it’s suffered from a major bout of “not working”. Which is to say, most of the heavily used features for live streaming are not functioning and they haven’t been for some time. Our understanding is that the developer sort of…well…disappeared and has not updated or fixed any of the worsening issues. While some aspects of the addon still work (torrents, sports replays), the live streaming was the backbone of this addon, and without core feature, this addon is far too marginally useful to be a “best”. Should the dev get it back up and working properly, this will easily shoot back up the main list, and probably right under the “Best Overall Addons” section.


Provides: Live sports and regular television streams

Installation Guide

SportsDevil suffers from one of the most common issues for live streaming addons: keeping up with dead links. Live TV streams are constantly going down, and keeping up with them, e.g., finding new functional ones, is likely a chore for any addon developer. Nevertheless, SportsDevil constantly has a lot of dead streams. That said, it also connects to a significant number of providers, so finding working streams is possible with the addon, if you put in a few hours searching through the menus. That’s perhaps the primary reason SportsDevil does not land on our list for “Best Sports Addons” here. It’s a good sports addon. But the superlative “best” is a bit of a stretch for this one.