Best Kodi Addon Installer

If you like 3rd party Kodi addons, you may want to consider downloading an addon installer.  Addon installers allow you to quickly and easily download lots of different addons.  Read on to find out where to download our two favorite addon installers: Indigo and Ares Wizard.

Before you proceed

We highly recommend using a VPN anytime you use Kodi.  Kodi streamers have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for watching movies, sports, and TV shows through various addons.  If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish – a complete privacy solution for Kodi users.

What’s an addon installer?

Simply put, Kodi addon installers are programs that automate the addon installation process.

Normally, you have to follow a step-by-step installation process if you want to install an addon.  But with an addon installer, all you have to is click the addon you want.  The addon installer takes care of the rest.

Indigo: the best addon installer

Indigo is the very best addon installer out there today.  After you install Indigo, you’ll be able to access all the addons that are hosted and maintained by  The library of addons is truly massive.  Currently, 1,530 addons are linked to or hosted there.

How to install Indigo in Kodi Krypton (Kodi 17)

Kodi Krypton is the newest version of Kodi.  The previous version of Kodi (Kodi 16) is Kodi Jarvis.  If you haven’t upgraded to Kodi Krypton yet, scroll down for Kodi Jarvis installation instructions.

Before you begin

Note: You only need to perform this step once after installing Kodi Krypton.  If you’ve already enabled unknown sources, scroll down and begin with step #1.

Kodi 17 has unknown sources disabled by default.  If you haven’t enabled unknown sources yet, open Kodi and click the gear symbol on the top left-hand part of the screen.

A screenshot of Kodi Krypton’s gear icon.

Once you click the gear, you’ll be in the settings menu.  From there, select system settings.  Lastly, click the addons menu on the left part of the screen and enable the unknown sources toggle switch and select yes to acknowledge the warning.

A screenshot of Kodi Krypton’s unknown sources toggle switch.

1.  Download the Indigo installation file

Go to and download the file named plugin.program.indigo[VERSION].zip

2.  Install the Indigo installation file

Click the addons sidebar menu from the main screen of Kodi.  Then, click the box icon on the top left side of the screen.

Next, choose install from zip file.  Navigate to wherever you saved plugin.program.indigo[VERSION].zip and select it.

3.  Open Indigo and enjoy

After the installation is finished, go back to the main screen and select addons.  Then, click Indigo and check out its massive collection of addons.

How to install Indigo in Kodi Jarvis (Kodi 16)

For a detailed step-by-step walkthrough of how to install Indigo on Kodi Jarvis, read:

Top 3 addons on Indigo

The addons listed below can be found in the featured addons section of Indigo.  Once you have all 3, you’ll be able to get all kinds of sports, movies and TV show streams.

1.  Exodus 

A screenshot of Indigo’s Exodus installation screen.

If you’re new to Kodi, Exodus should be one of the very first 3rd party addons you download.  It’s the very best addon for movies and TV shows.  It has got a ton of great content, including fresh-out-of-the-cinema movies.  Also, all its streams are organized into convenient and easy-to-use menus.

Unlike many addon developers that abandon their addons after a few months, the makers of Exodus are always pushing out patches and updates.  Another great thing about Exodus is that you can use it to find links to high quality HD and 4k streams.

Best features

2.  USTVNow Plus

A screenshot of Indigo’s USTVNow Plus installation screen.

USTVNow Plus is a great way to watch all the major US TV channels.  We like this addon because it’s free, fully licensed and totally legitimate.  If you want to watch ABC, CBS, CW, Fox, NBC or PBS there’s really no better addon.

Best features

3.  Pro Sport

A screenshot of Indigo’s Pro Sport installation screen.

When it comes to finding live sports streams, Pro Sport is king.  No other sports addon comes close.

One reason why Pro Sport is so awesome is that it links into Reddit, which is the home of a very active sports streaming community.  We also like that it is streamlined and super easy to use.  Also, Pro Sport can automatically detect your time zone and adjust its schedules accordingly.

Best features

Other addons that are worth checking out on Indigo

The three addons listed above are great multi-purpose addons to have in your arsenal.  But if you’re looking for content that’s a little more rare or specialized, you may want to check out Zem, Cartoons8, Phoenix and DramaGo.


A screenshot of Indigo’s Zem installation screen.

If you’re looking for sports, movies or TV shows from India, check out Zem.  The main source of Zem’s streaming content appears to be the website. However, many of Zem’s submenus pull in content from other sites as well.

Zem’s menu system is somewhat confusing, and there is no universal search. However, once you find what you want to watch you’re usually rewarded with a working link.


A screenshot of Indigo’s Cartoons8 installation screen.

Cartoons8 has links to streams of just about every cartoon ever made.  In addition to classic Looney Toons cartoons, it also has modern cartoons for kids.  Also, it has tons of anime shows and movies from Japan.

Cartoons8 is pretty much the best cartoon-centric addon around, but it’s by no means perfect.  There are a few sections of it that don’t work at all. It is very easy to use once you identify the working sections, though.


A screenshot of Indigo’s Phoenix installation screen.

Phoenix is one of the oldest and most popular Kodi 3rd party addons.  Its history is somewhat mysterious.  However, it’s probably maintained by a group of different independent developers.

Some of Phoenix’s developers most likely quit the project a long time ago.  As a result, the interface is crowded with annoying abandoned menus.  But if you’re willing to poke around a bit, you can find some good stuff.

The section of Phoenix entitled one242415 is the best part of this addon.  It has lots of good stuff including some quirky handpicked TV content lists that are worth checking out.


A screenshot of Indigo’s DramaGo installation screen.

DramaGo is a little-known gem that’s worth checking out if you like Asian movies and TV shows.  It has solid menus, good quality feeds, search functionality and regular updates– that’s why it’s our go-to pick for watching films and shows from Korea and the rest of Asia.

Another great feature of DramaGo is its excellent HD menu.  We also like its huge menu of genres. Aside from the fact that it features a disproportionate amount of content from Korea and doesn’t have any live feeds, this addon is pretty much perfect.


A screenshot of Indigo’s cCloud installation screen.

cCloud TV is a popular video addon that’s worth checking out.  If you download it, you’ll get instant access to hundreds of television channels from US and UK television stations.  Features stations include ESPN, AMC, Sky, ABC, CBS, NBC, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, History Channel and more.

Another good thing about cCloud is that it is fully compatible with Renegades TV Guide and iVue TV Guide.  In addition to video links, you can also find links to a large number of international radio stations via this addon.

A screenshot of Indigo’s installation screen.

Like its name suggests, the addon addon connects you directly to the website of the same name. is awesome because it contains a huge library of movie streams.  Another good thing about this addon/website is that it has been around for several years. has a lot to offer, which is why it has become a go-to addon for cord cutters everywhere.

2.  Ares Wizard

The Ares Wizard is more than just an addon installer.  In addition to its ability to automate the addon installation process, Ares Wizard can also be used to download and install Kodi builds.  Builds are customized versions of Kodi that contain all kinds of pre-loaded 3rd party addons.

Note: You may have to open Ares Wizard several times in Kodi Krypton to get it to work.  If you get a blank screen after attempting to open it, go back to the main menu of Kodi and try to open it again.

How to install Ares Wizard (Kodi Krypton)

1.  Download the Ares Wizard installation file

Go to and download the file named

2.  Install the Ares Wizard repository file

Click the addons sidebar menu from the main screen of Kodi.  Then, click the box icon on the top left side of the screen.

Next, choose install from zip file.  Navigate to wherever you saved and select it.

3.  Install Ares Wizard

Go back to the main menu.  Then, click the addons sidebar menu and the box icon again.  This time, select install from repository →  ares project →  program addons → ares wizard → install

How to install Ares Wizard (Kodi Jarvis)

The Ares Wizard installation process is pretty much the same in Kodi Jarvis, but there are a few minor differences.

  1. First, download the Ares Project repo by going to  The file you need is
  2. Next, navigate to system → settings → addons → install from zip file.  Wait for the “installation complete” popup.
  3. Now, go to system → settings → addons → install from repository → ares project → program addons → ares wizard

Using Ares Wizard to browse and install addons

Just open up Ares Wizard and click the browse addons button to peruse.  If you see an addon you want to try, click it and select install.

A screenshot of the “Browse Addons” section of Ares Wizard.

Using Ares Wizard to download and install builds

Click the browse builds button to scroll through a list of builds.  If you want to see the newest ones, click new entries.

Note: In order to download featured builds (highlighted in green) you have to visit a web page and type in a PIN code.  

A screenshot of the “Browse Builds” section of Ares Wizard.

Other things you can do with Ares Wizard

Ares Wizard has an excellent set of maintenance tools that you can access by clicking the maintenance button.  There you’ll find helpful utilities that allow you do things like delete old packages, thumbnails, clear cache, etc.  Via the tweaks button, you can change your buffer mode, adjust your CURL timeout, and change your video cache size.

Which addon installers do you use?

If you know of any addon installers that aren’t listed here, drop us a line in the comment section below and we’ll add it to the list.