Best German Kodi Addons

Although Kodi is popular throughout the world, the German Kodi community is vibrant. Kodi reflects this, with a large number of German Kodi addons offering up a large amount of content, including movies and live TV. Whether you’re an international fan of German sports teams, shows, and movies, or you’re German and just looking for a few good addons to access local content, Kodi has a good amount of what you’re looking for.


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Research Methods

German content is incredibly easy to find on Kodi. To find the best addons, we focused on a few key methods

  • Online web searches
  • Searches through popular TV and movie addons
  • Searches through super repositories for more obscure addons
  • Searches through community forum posts

We’ve been around the block for a while researching Kodi addons for various purposes, so we were already able to pinpoint some addons that we know have great German content. However, we made sure we did our due diligence investigating even more options. We did uncover some new addons that we had not heard of before through our research, all of which are reflected in the guide below.

We’ve broken up the article into two sections: Popular Addons and Obscure Addons. The first section includes popular addons like Exodus, while the Obscure Addons section has a host of choices that are not commonly known or downloaded, but that we’ve verified provide great content and work well. We’ve only include addons on our list that we have tested for quality.

Popular German Kodi Addons


You can find our Exodus installation guide here.

Among German Kodi Addons, Exodus is by far one of the best around. Exodus is already immensely popular for its large library of English content. However, you can access almost every movie listed in the addon by choosing the “Languages” option. Unfortunately, there are currently no German-language TV shows available through Exodus. That said, there are 41 high-quality movies available through Exodus, all in German.

Better still, Exodus offers up most of these in 1080p and other HD options. We tested out a few movies, just to ensure quality and to verify that they were, indeed, offered up in German. We recommend this option for anyone looking for some good American films dubbed into German. In case you’re wondering: This is also what separates Exodus from the Specto Fork and SALTS. Of the three, Exodus is the only one that offers up any content in other languages.


You can find our SportsDevil installation guide here.

Ignore the name. This popular addon offers up increasingly good sports content, but also scrapes live TV from a large number of websites. Among these is the website If you find an addon that scrapes from, you’ve basically hit a gold mine. offers up live TV content from a large number of international channels, including German ones. This makes SportsDevil an inexplicably great place to find German content. provides live streams to 26 different German channels, far more than most other addons we reviewed. You can locate the channels under “Live TV” and then “”

cCloud TV

You can find our cCloud TV installation guide here.

cCloud TV is generally a well-respected source for live TV. This is marginally the case for its German content. Although cCloud TV specializes in US television content, you can find international TV networks if you scroll down to the bottom of the addon’s menu to the “International” section. Unfortunately, cCloud TV is poorly organized on this end. There are some 900 international TV stations listed here, but they are far from organized. Indeed, you’ll find a few German channels right at the top, but you’ll have to do an unfortunate amount of scrolling to see if there are any others. The easy way around this is to scroll back up to the top of the addon’s home screen and locate the “Search” option. From there, type in “German” and you’ll find the full listening of German channels (of which there are 7). It’s a scant offering, but it’s certainly a start and an option for anyone looking for German content.


You can find our Castaway installation guide here.

Yes, Castaway’s main purpose is basically a foregone conclusion. The addon is, for all intents and purposes, dead. However, like SportsDevil, Castaway still maintains a live TV section that includes a large list of functional sites it’s scraping from. That includes the very functional we mentioned under SportsDevil. We don’t have too much to say about this beyond what we said for SportsDevil, with one caveat. Given that Castaway is dead and effectively unsupported, if it does stop working at some point, you’re not going to want to rely on it. Given SportsDevil is still supported, your best option is just to stick with SportsDevil since you’ll get the same content.

Obscure German Kodi Addons

You can easily install using the Fusion Installer. Otherwise, follow these steps:

  • Click on Add-ons

  • Click on “Install from repository”
  • Locate and click on Sandmann79’s Repository

  • Click on Video add-ons

  • Click on and install

This is a fairly simple addon. The addon from Sandmann79 provides you access to the German Amazon. The rub here is that you’ll need an Amazon Prime account to gain access to all of Amazon’s streamed German content. If you have an Amazon account, this is an excellent option, especially if you’re using Kodi on a phone. Amazon lacks an Android app for its streaming service, so this is an excellent solution for those who have an Amazon Prime account but are weary of not being able to watch it on-the-go on an Android device.

You can easily install using the Fusion Installer. Otherwise, follow these steps:

  • Click on Add-ons

  • Click on “Install from repository”
  • Locate and click on Addons

  • Click on Video add-ons
  • Click on and install is perhaps one of the best German Kodi addons you’re going to find. It’s far from one of the popular or well-known options, so it’s unlikely you’ve ever even heard of it. You can find it buried deep within Addons repository. The addon plays content from the German N24 channel. There’s nothing particularly popular or well known here, but for those interested in documentaries, this is basically going to be your go-to addon for German content. There are currently over 50 shows here. There’s a live TV section that unfortunately was not working at the time we tested this addon. However, the shows load up quickly and in good quality.