Best Exodus Alternative Kodi Addons 2017

What are the best Exodus Kodi 17 addon alternatives? Third-party addons have been under lots of pressure lately. As a result many developers have decided to shut down their addons. Given that Exodus is the most popular Kodi addon of them all, there is a slight chance that Exodus shuts down in the near future. The fact is, Exodus was created as a result of the Genesis add-on being shut down. In this article, we’ll list other Kodi addons you can turn to in order to stream movies and TV shows on your PC, Mac, Android, Raspberry Pi, Chromecast, or Fire Stick. Without further ado, here are the top Exodus alternatives as of 2017.

Best Exodus Alternatives for Kodi in 2017

Best Exodus Kodi Addon Alternatives in 2017

Best Exodus Kodi Alternative Addons

Here are the best Exodus alternatives. For a detailed setup tutorial, just click on the addon you wish to install.

Don’t Risk It – Use VPN

Illegal or pirated live streams on Kodi have been getting lots of publicity in the last couple of months. Copyright trolls in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia have been cracking down on such streams.  It is always advised to encrypt your traffic and hide your IP address whenever you go online. By using virtual private network, you can browse the web anonymously. All you have to do is download and install a VPN app and then connect to a VPN server. Once done, your IP address is hidden and you get to take advantage of the following features.

  • Unblock Geo-restricted Kodi Add-ons: There are a lot of Kodi addons that you can only use in certain regions. With VPN you can bypass regional restrictions.
  • Bypass ISP Throttling: Ever noticed that your Internet speed is decent if you are browsing websites but suddenly drops when you are watching videos online? If that is the case, your ISP is probably throttling your Internet speed. Using VPN basically allows you to avoid that from happening.
  • Ultimate Privacy: Add an extra layer of privacy and security to all your online activities.
  • VPN Applications: You don’t have to be a tech-freak to setup a VPN connection thanks to user-friendly VPN apps on PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and FireStick.

From personal experience, IPVanish is the best VPN service you can use with Kodi. They have optimized their VPN apps to work better with Kodi add-ons and have a no-logs policy. Check out our reviewed list of the best Kodi VPNs in 2017 below.

Makes Kodi Addons Works Perfectly With VPN

We highly recommend using a VPN when using Kodi. Kodi users have been known to receive copyright infringement notices for streaming movies, sports, and TV shows through various addons. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private, our recommendation is IPVanish - a complete privacy solution for Kodi users. It's also worth noting that purchasing a 12 month subscription will give you two months free.

Best Exodus Alternatives – Other Kodi Addons to Look at

There’s a high possibility that Exodus and other Kodi addons will soon shut down as well. With Kodi being a free open-source application, new add-ons will be developed as well. To stay on the save side and not get into any legal trouble, make sure you’re always connected to a VPN server whenever you are using unofficial Kodi addons.